Justice for All is Back on the UA Campus

Justice for All is back on the University of Arizona mall, plastering blown up photos of aborted fetuses. I’m looking forward to reading all the angry letters in the Arizona Daily Wildcat throughout the week, but most people fail to realize that Chicano/Hispano Student Affairs put up an arguably more offensive display last September. To promote “border awareness,” the organization divided the UA grassy mall with a barbed wire fence, preventing students from crossing the mall. If I don’t want to see tasteless photos of aborted children, I can avoid the Justice for All area by the stage. The border fence forced students to take longer treks to class. I understand that this is only a minor inconvenience, but it’s nonetheless unfair, and no student should have to be exposed to a political agenda. At least Justice for All made it possible for students to avoid looking at the pictures. It’s disappointing that this organization will get anhiliated for their shock value exposure while groups like Chicano Student Affairs will not.


3 thoughts on “Justice for All is Back on the UA Campus

  1. I don’t think you can possibly make the argument that the border fence is more offensive than a 4’x4′ picture of a fetus’s torn off arms next to a dime. I mean, really? The border thing was a fence with some destroyed clothes and page-sized articles on it that took up part of one section of the mall. It didn’t even show dead or dehyrdated/very sick immigrants or anything. It only delayed you getting to class if you refused to walk to the other side of the mall anywhere other than across the lawn at that specific point. That’s orders of magnitude less offensive than a two story tall thing with huge pictures of dessicated fetuses plastered over it.

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