Stephen King Disses the “Twilight” Series

Disclaimer: This is a total fluff post. I apologize, but the “Twilight” phenomenon speaks true to successful (but not necessarily literary) book series of today.

Best Selling author, Stephenie Meyer may have the love and respect of teenage girls all over the world, but popular thriller writer, Stephen King has not fallen for the “Twilight” series, which tells the story of a high school girl who falls in love with a vampire that thirsts for her blood. Laugh if you feel the impulse, but Meyer is arguably the most successful writer since J.K. Rowling came out with Harry Potter.

“Stephenie Meyer can’t write worth a darn,” King told USA WEEKEND, as reported by Access Hollywood.

Prolific and talented as he may be, King should be fair to Meyer, even though most college aged students can script heavier dialogue and prose. She has obviously done something right if her first novel was adapted into a full length picture, which topped the box office charts for weeks. Meyer may not be the best contemporary writer, but she was smart enough to appeal to millions of young girls all over the world.

While I was in Paris, three South African and Canadian teenagers approached me with the same question, “Do you like ‘Twilight?’ Because we’ve read all the books five times!” There were “Twilight” billboards all over France and England, and all four “Twilight” novels dominated British and French bookshelves. If she’s really feigning a writing career, Meyer definitely knows how to work the system.


5 thoughts on “Stephen King Disses the “Twilight” Series

  1. Stpehen is a good horoor write, I havnet’ rad his any books but I’ve seen a movies, the movie was good I think the godd would have been bok. I love Twlight and hte moive and the acotrs thatp aly. I’m ifnacuted with Rob pattison and I love bell and I’m in lvoe with Edward(though he’s ficotnal and I’m obbseed but yeah att he same tiem I lvoe god and Jesus) I have to disagree with Stephen King, I think the books are very well wrtien and does how know aodlsenct grisl ath tie maybe he has some ideas but that saying that 15 years odl girls aren’t reado t felel rush aguyshold ahdns or ksses us (I don’t mean he lsutfl w rpemaitl sex is sin) I love STephenie meyer. I do’nt full agree iwth mronisn but Gdo bless for the pttuign soem chrsitaisn vlaues in the book and the mentiong og God. the stroy si grat I love the books nd new mono was sad but I still voed ubt not as much the otehrs. Bd the’s best. i nfact at one point, I knew bella aws goign tosu rive but I still almsot cired and I evne gotten amd at Jacob and was gididy when I frist read Elcipse and e EDwardp rosped she accept though I knew from spoilers. anways, Jk rowlign is a godo auithor and he hp boosk are breat but Twlight’s better

  2. I will have to agree with Stephen King… While I was in London every girl in all of my classes tried to get me to read Twilight… i read the first chapter and well, it was mushy, gushy and every other word that explains what 13 year old girls fall for. It’s like any other Fad… good for Meyer, she’s making a lot of money… but she’s no Ovid.

  3. Yes, Erik. I completely agree. It’s just a fun, light read. Nothing more. I don’t understand how some think it’s the best writing around. Stephen King is correct that Meyer isn’t the best writer alive right now, but she’s done pretty well for herself, so she’s obviously appealing to a faithful audience. I’m glad you never fully gave into the TWILIGHT series. It’s not for you, and I think most men dislike it as well.

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