On the UA Campus Today

My fellow opinions columnist, Alex Kassman shares her take on the legalization of prostitution in today’s issue of the Wildcat. Prostitution will happens regardless of legality, so I’m not fully opposed to Kassman’s idea. I’d just be worried about an increased spread of STD’s.

Most college students wouldn’t say that high school was more fulfilling, but members of the UA India Club may beg to differ. Club members will host a “high-school style dance” this evening.

Event Coordinator Kinjal Patel says the dance will give students a chance to “not feel so grown up.” With the amount of binge drinking, bad eating habits, and risky behavior college students partake in, I’m not sure this is really the place to feel like a true adult.

“It’s like high school back in college,” she also added.

Who would really want this? It’s strange that anyone would want to revert back in time. I’m one of the few that openly loved high school, but I still see no need to return even in discreet ways. The dance provides the opportunity to dress up, but that’s what themed parties are for, right?


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