My Michael Phelps Column in the Daily Wildcat

Check out my column on Michael Phelps and forgiveness in today’s issue of the Daily Wildcat. Here’s an introductory quote:

There’s no one more apathetic about sports, much less the Olympics, than me. At 20 years old, I still don’t understand the rules of baseball or most group sports. Whenever the crowd screams after something happens during Wildcat football games, I shamelessly ask the person beside me, “Is that good?!”

Because I’m generally repulsed by organized sports and the world’s obsession with the Olympics, I’m shocked to be writing about Michael Phelps, an Olympic swimmer who was recently publicly disgraced for allegedly smoking marijuana from a bong at a University of South Carolina party. Before the media went crazy over the champion’s careless, illegal move, I was avoiding the Michael Phelps fan base, but the widespread reaction was too bizarre to ignore:

“He should have known better.”

“He just destroyed his reputation.”

“What an idiot.”


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