ASUA General Election: 2009 Result Party

By 8:40 p.m., the Kiva Room of the Student Union Memorial Center was overflowing with eager UA students. Kenny Ho waited until 9:20 to read election results, so candidates mingled and talked until then, some more visibly anxious than others.

At the beginning of the night, many candidates greeted each other with hugs in the center of the room, wishing each other luck and creating a positive atmosphere. Senatorial candidate Nick Jones, who ended up receiving the lowest number of senatorial votes, sat in the back row for most of the night, waiting for the results to be read.

Sun-burned senatorial candidate Tyler Quillin took a seat in the middle row, literally at the edge of his seat in anticipation. After campaigning from 10-6 yesterday and 10-8 today, Quillin was exhausted but in high hopes. Sarah Bratt, another senatorial candidate, sat in one of the front rows with her boyfriend to her left, clutching his hand.

ASUA Senator, Emily Fritze and Sentorial candidate, Hillary Davidson had much support from their Chi Omega sorority sisters, who sat together in a row and stood up to gather for a group photo of more than a dozen girls.

Some candidates dressed the professional part while others donned laid-back attire. Senatorial candidates, Ryan Klenke, Bratt, Quillin, Leo Yamaguchi, Jones, and Katherine Weingartner all wore suits or formal wear while their opponent, Jason Bral sported a t-shirt with black and yellow stars. Presidential candidate, Shane Cathers had on a black striped button-up shirt with rolled up sleeves.

By nine p.m., some candidates were not hiding their anxiety. Bratt continued squeezing her boyfriend’s hand, her face grave. Quillin, too had the support of his significant other. He tugged her hand as he took deep breaths. From across the room, Ruiz was doing the same thing, and the others around him remained silent. Luckily, these three candidates got elected tonight, so their worries were unnecessary.

Other candidates seemed more relaxed. Fritze laughed with ASUA senator and Administrative Vice Presidential candidate, Gabby Ziccarelli, who sang with students sitting behind her. Students continued chanting “Bear Down,” and Gabby once again joined in. Also at ease was incumbent senator, Stephen Wallace, who sat in the front row and joked with other ASUA members.

Cathers seemed MIA until 9:00 p.m., twenty minutes before he learned he was not elected ASUA president. Students cheered as current ASUA members entered the room and set up the table and laptop.

Students cheered at the announcement of every elected candidate, but most of the room went absolutely insane when Nagata got elected. Students jumped up from their seats and practically mauled Nagata, who was ecstatic. Cathers received a standing ovation when his results were read.

Most defeated candidates walked out with poise, dignity, and composure. Jones greeted and thanked supporters on his way out the door, walking away with class. Klenke hugged all candidates, tears in his eyes. Bratt choked up out of happiness, having moved up from 11th place in the primaries to 10th in the elections. Her campaigning paid off, and she looked satisfied.

The full election results can be read in my previous entry.


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