Bickering Republican Women

The GOP has been highly unpopular for several years, so it makes sense for conservatives and liberals to butt heads, but it’s strange to see conservative pundits turning on each other. Laura Ingraham dubbed Meghan McCain a “plus-sized model” before questioning why Obama never got any bad press for alluding to Jessica Simpson’s “weight battle.”

Ingraham went on to call McCain a “useful idiot” for left-wingers in her political blog. The nay-saying began when McCain bashed Ann Coulter in her Daily Beast blog. McCain has also blamed the 2008 election for her disappointing love life.

News commentator Lili Ladaga suggested that Miss McCain was following her father’s career. I’d hardly say young McCain is reminiscent of her father, especially since she’s speaking out against conservatives and whining about the election.

Ladaga expanded on the “like father, like daughter theme,” by unfairly comparing the Bush twins to their father, former president George W. Bush:

The Bush twins, on the other hand, have at times eclipsed their father in the limelight. From underage drinking to a fashion spread in Vogue, Jenna and Barbara Bush have never shied away from the media.

Like most teenagers, these girls drank, but there’s no need to parallel their immature drinking to their father’s serious battle with alcoholism. Would you compare all college students to Bush just because both parties share an appreciation for alcohol?


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