Why I Don’t Ski

British actress, Natasha Richardson died before her time this afternoon. The 45-year-old star suffered a traumatic head injury during a skiing lesson yesterday. Hours before Richardson’s death, sources close to Richardson blasted reports that she was brain-dead. These reports may not have been far off because Richardson’s friends told the Internet Movie Database that there was “no hope” for the actress’s survival:

Just before the tragic news was confirmed by Richardson’s publicist Alan Nierob, close pal Ted Casablanca reported the family members spent Wednesday afternoon saying their goodbyes to the actress on his Eonline.com blog.

He wrote, “The two-day vigil is over. Close relations to Natasha Richardson tell me there is no hope for the 45-year-old actress.”

It looks like the media didn’t want to report their doubts about her survival. It’s not necessarily nice to predict someone’s death, but if it’s obviously about to happen, it should be in the news.


2 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Ski

  1. The accident is very scary. It’s not like Sonny Bono running headlong into a tree. Richardson was on flat land taking a beginner’s ski lesson.

    I agree, though, this is exactly why I don’t ski. Well, this, and the fact that skiing involves being out in the cold.

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