St. Louis Airport Baggage Theft

The Associated Press reported that eight contract baggage handlers of Delta Airlines stole more than 900 items from checked baggage at the St. Louis airport.

I have so many issues with this article, most of all, the way authorities handled the situation:

Formal charges have not been filed, and names of the suspects were not released.

It’s not enough to just fire the workers. If they have reached the age of consent, their names should be released to the public. Besides protecting their unearned privacy, these criminals should also have formal charges filed against them if authorities have any knowledge of what was stolen.

The thieves targeted expensive goods, mostly electronic devices, games, computers and computer equipment.

The employees should not have broken the law, but you have to be moronic not to carry on laptops, ipods (a listed item in the article), or anything of high monetary value. Why would someone check a laptop, anyway, unless of course he doesn’t care about any damages? The same can be said for ipods and other pricey electronic goods. These customers make it too easy for bad employees to break the law.


One thought on “St. Louis Airport Baggage Theft

  1. It is lame to check something of value and I would never do it personally, but at the same time, the system should work properly and people SHOULD be able to have faith in it should they need to make use of it, and as such I can’t really assign blame to them for trusting them. I can see certain situations where checking expensive stuff might be necessary, i.e. a photographer likely couldn’t bring 3 cameras on a carryon.

    At the same time, I’m also not willing to conclude that the system has failed. 900 items over a period of probably months, at an airport that over 40,000 people a day travel through, is quite a small number. Those particular idiots who did the deed should have the book thrown at them, but I’m not willing to make any larger statement than that.

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