Everyone in the United States is Screwed, Part II

The Associated Press reported today that immigrants are worried that English language classes will be cut from adult schools and community colleges:

The New York state budget proposed by Gov. David Paterson would cut three programs that contain an English education component. The proposed budget takes funding for the three programs from nearly $13 million down to $8.6 million, a cut of about 33 percent.

According to the article, other states have already cut the programs, and immigrants are starting to worry.

Well, everyone in the world is worried right now. The United States Postal Service is in trouble. Post Offices are being forced to reduce management, eliminate staff members, cut hours of service, and consider cutting Saturday as a mail-delivery day.

Many states have proposed high budget cuts on education. Nevada students recently pleaded Gov. Jim Gibbon to change his proposed 37% education budget cut. Arizona students protested the 40% proposed cuts on education in late January of this year. California is also in trouble. On March 13, Californians protested in pink, which symbolized the pink lay-off slips that so many teachers have received.

The list of cuts is endless. Earlier this year, I wrote an an opinion’s column about the economic crisis. I said that absolutely everyone is in trouble right now, so there’s not a whole lot to fight the problem other than to endure it and wait for everything to pass.

It’s truly unfortunate that these English education classes will probably get cut. It must be hard enough to move to the United States, especially without any outside assistance. The best way for a struggling immigrant to learn English is to practice with native speakers. They’ll face difficulties without a foundation, but it’s a risk to immigrate regardless. I empathize with these people having traveled to foreign countries. If there’s no money to accommodate immigrants right now, well, everyone else is suffering, too, so it’s not as if the non-English speakers are getting the short end of the deal.


One thought on “Everyone in the United States is Screwed, Part II

  1. Yeah, this is definitely a shame. Everyone is indeed in trouble, and yes, USPS has gotten noticeably less reliable. I no longer ship anything that way unless it’s just a basic letter or something. Even paper I now ship UPS if it has any importance at all.

    But yeah, I also completely agree with you — it will subside eventually, the world will not fall apart in the meantime but will just be tough. And until then, we just have to wait it out and be at least mildly intelligent with our savings.

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