Miley Cyrus’s Boyfriend Shouldn’t Go After Minors

Here’s my bi-monthly celebrity blog. I don’t watch TV, much less Disney’s Hannah Montana starring Miley Cyrus. I also don’t know much about 16-year-old singer/actress other than the fact that there’s something very sweet and likable about her. She has a sincere smile that tells me celebrity life hasn’t corrupted her Tennessee-bred good-nature. But maybe she’s lost her senses. She’s dating 20-year-old model, Justin Gaston.

Miley’s father, Billy Ray Cyrus should not have allowed this to happen. I hate to be the relationship police, but Miley isn’t even eighteen. More than likely, this is an illegal situation, and Gaston probably won’t be prosecuted for statutory rape if they’ve engaged in sexual activity, which is highly probable.

Think of it on a more personal level. Let’s say you’re in college and one of your classmates starts a relationship with a high schooler. It’s a social taboo. If you’re a college junior looking to date a high school junior, you’re going to come off as kind of a creep. There’s a reason why there are laws against this kind of thing.

What was Miley’s response? She said in the May issue of Glamour magazine:

GLAMOUR: Do you worry that your boyfriend is so much older?

MC: I don’t feel like I’m doing anything wrong, and I’m ready for people to accept it. My fans already accept it—they just want me to be happy. And I haven’t been that happy in a few years…working so hard, moving to L.A. from Nashville, going through a bad breakup [with Nick Jonas]. I’m finally happy again, and I think that is reflected in my music and my work. So honestly, I don’t feel like there’s anything to hide. And I love him so much I don’t really care.

Fair enough. Miley Cyrus isn’t the problem. As the younger of the two, I don’t hold her as accountable as her sleazy boyfriend, who apparently doesn’t find it morally objectionable to pick up on underage girls. It really saddens me to see this happen to nice young girls.

This is how it started out for Britney Spears, who moved in with boyfriend, Justin Timberlake at age 18. After an annulled marriage, a divorce, two babies, multiple stints in rehab, mental health problems, shaving her head, beating a van with an umbrella, and a lazy performance at the 2007 Video Music Awards, Britney Spears is finally starting to restore her sanity as she spends time with her boys. Based on her poor boyfriend choices, I’m positive the same windy road is in store for Cyrus. After all, Britney used to be a sweet southern belle, too.


2 thoughts on “Miley Cyrus’s Boyfriend Shouldn’t Go After Minors

  1. I find it so interesting that none of the “People Magazine on TV” shows like Extra and Access Hollywood bring up the fact that the guy’s older than I am and going after 16-year-old tail. Like you said, if this weren’t a relationship between some tween queen and a model, it wouldn’t be accepted by anyone. And I too wonder what Billy Ray thinks…

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