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I thought I’d explain more about the purpose of this blog. You can find suitable information in the About Blog link above, but I want to make it clear that I have changed some of my ideas overtime.

For a while, I enjoyed writing about national issues, and I occasionally opined on celebrity scandals when nothing in the news appealed to me. Anyone who has read my Brother Jed Chronicles knows how much fun I had interviewing the family and reporting back to the public, so I’m going to try to blog about similar things from now on.

Obviously, I’m going to have some trouble finding interesting people to interview all the time, especially those who are as well-known and complex as Brother Jed. Above all else, there has to be a demand for information on the specific individual, but even if there’s not, it’s still possible to write a compelling story about them.

In a nutshell, I want to focus more on University of Arizona-related events and talk to more campus visitors such as authors, political figures, scientists, etc. This Tuesday, I plan on seeing American conservative writer and activist, David Horowitz when he speaks at the College Republicans club meeting. You can check out his interview with Opinions Editor, Justyn Dillingham in tomorrow’s edition of the Arizona Daily Wildcat, and I believe Evan Lisull of The Arizona Desert Lamp will also have the privilege of meeting Mr. Horowitz, and I’ll try to do the same on Tuesday. Either way, I’ll have the story in this blog.

This blog is part of Under the Sun, the University of Arizona blogosphere, and all four listed blogs offer different perspectives on the UA community happenings. Of all the blogs, I probably focus on human interest issues the most, but for other standpoints, you may want to take a look at my fellow bloggers:

Matt at Critical Political wants to write more about “the political economy, the bailout, the future of capitalism, it’s merits and downsides, etc.” So far, he has written several long articles about education. Matt plans to blog more frequently with Critical Political team member, Vishal. For more intellectual, philosophical posts, Critical Political is the blog to subscribe to.

Connor and Evan over at The Desert Lamp are true to their words when they say “the site casts itself as the “bright spot of learning” when it comes to covering the UA — even if we are just two guys with a blog and a possibly unhealthy interest in campus policy.” I honestly don’t think you’ll find two more comprehensive students at the UA, and they do an excellent job telling the other side to every campus story, especially when it comes to the Associated Students of the University of Arizona, which is the student government.

Alyson at Arfing Round the Bend writes everything from poetry to news commentary, and to diversify the list further, she just published a humorous blog entry titled Four Things Grad Students Like. Her blog is creative, and I’m always interested to see what type of entry she’ll post next.

As the Arizona Daily Wildcat Opinions Editor, Justyn doesn’t cover much about UA life in his blog The Civic Spirit which is “devoted to res publica — the public thing.” The well-read academic tackles national stories and includes other famous academics and historical figures in his entries. He’ll also cite other opinion blogs and give his two cents.

For all things UA-related, Under the Sun has a variety of relevant blogs to choose from, and we’re all worth reading.


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