Romance in the Blogosphere

ASUA Senator, Emily Fritze sent me an interesting New York Times column about how blogging can lead to relationships. It seemed suspicious at first, however. Unless desperate, most people won’t resort to the internet as a dating resource. The difference with a blog is that it reveals more about a person’s intellectual capacity and thought process, and anyone who is attracted to creativity and brain activity has a good chance of finding a smart counterpart via blog entries.

The article surrounds two people, one of which is University of Wisconsin professor and political blogger, Ann Althouse. Commentator, Laurence Meade developed a “blog-crush” on Althouse and even stumbled upon her ex-husband’s blog.

As it turns out, it’s possible to persistently pursue another person through a blog:

In a January post, Ms. Althouse listed lessons from Clint Eastwood’s film “Gran Torino.”

No. 5: “A young man should perceive when a girl likes him and he needs to ask her out to dinner and a movie before somebody else does.”

In front of the eyes and fingertips of thousands, Mr. Meade made his move.

Mr. Meade: “OK. Want to have dinner with me and see it again?”

Ms. Althouse: “Yes, but you’ll have to come to Madison.”

They met up, and dedicated Althouse blog readers started to suspect something was going on between the two:

That evening, the commentariat buzzed with suspicion. “I think the professor has a boyfriend.” Another wrote: “Has anyone seen Meade lately?”

The two recently got engaged, and other blog commentators said they couldn’t be happier for two people they’d never even met.

Even though I wouldn’t want to meet someone online, this proves that the blogosphere has created more online dating options, and for the right reasons. Instead of clicking through profiles and deciding who to call based on uploaded photographs, Meade loved Althouse’s mind, and that’s what most intelligent women want men to recognize:

[Meade] was intimidated by her. “I don’t have the education she has,” he said. He had studied history and horticulture in college but never graduated. “I don’t have the social status she has. But I was powerfully drawn to her. And I thought, what do I have to lose?”


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