David Horowitz Speaks About Liberal Propoganda

After going out to dinner with four members of the University of Arizona College Republicans, conservative writer and activist, David Horowitz spoke to a full audience in the Kiva Room of the UA campus.

“There’s not much support at this university for me to have this talk, some of the staff has boycotted my appearance,” Horowitz said at the beginning of his hour-long speech about the indoctrination of liberal values on college campuses.

In his book, One-Party Classroom, which was on sale at the event, Horowitz states that the University of Arizona is among the twelve most liberal universities in the country.

“The state of college campuses is quite sad. The Vice President of Student Affairs, Carol Thompson threatened to shut my speech down if the College Republicans couldn’t pay for security.”

Why would the College Republicans need security to host a speaker?

“I’ve been physically attacked before, and no left-wing speakers that I know of have ever been obstructed by conservatives,” Horowitz continued.

UA College Republicans President, Ry Ellison mentioned this at the beginning of the evening, when he asked students to sit as close to the front of the room as possible because Horowitz had once had battery acid thrown on him. Along with a few police officers, College Republican members scattered across all corners of the room, including all the entrances just in case someone decided to act up.

Horowitz is the most renowned conservative speaker to visit the UA since October 2004, when Ann Coulter came to a College Republicans sponsored event and had a pie thrown at her. The College Republicans wanted to make sure nothing of this nature would happen again.

“Students can’t get a good education if they’re only getting half the story,” Horowitz said about his belief that radical professors abuse the classroom environment.

“The function of a teacher is to teach how to think, not what to think, and to also show opposing views so students can make up their own minds.”

But Horowitz isn’t anti-academia.

“I’d say that 90% of professors are decent, learned academics who respect students. It’s the 10% that abuse the classroom environment that I have a problem with.”

Horowitz once again tied his lecture back to the UA by mentioning the college publication, The Arizona Daily Wildcat.

“Justyn Dillingham interviewed me for today’s newspaper, and I had a better experience with the Wildcat than I did a few years ago when I last visited, but Justyn said that my book was flawed because I’ve never attend any of these college courses I have problems with.”

“But,” Horowitz continued. “You don’t have to go to Iran to know that it’s an oppressive country that hangs homosexuals. It’s not hard to see the indoctrination at hand here.”

Horowitz created his list of liberal indoctrinated universities based on the syllabi of certain classes. In his book, Horowitz lists UA Professor, Kari McBride’s Feminist Theories course as one with a political agenda because students have to read multiple texts on Karl Marx.

“The Women’s Studies department at the University of Arizona is far left. The courses are designed to indoctrinate women to radical beliefs.

Horowitz repeatedly mentioned the “indoctrination” going on at college campuses, but what’s his definition of the term?

“Indoctrination is the teaching of a controversial claim as a scientific fact. McBride treats Karl Marx like Sir Issac Newton, even though Marxist theories have been refuted by experience.”

“It’s just a theory that gender is socially constructed,” he furthered. “But this isn’t taught in classes.”

There was much talk about class hierarchy for the rest of the night.

“If gender hierarchy exists, then why have three of the recent Secretary of States been women, and two of them have been black? How can you teach oppression in the US if the most powerful world official is black and was elected by a non-black majority?!” he said, raising his voice considerably, and no one responded.

Horowitz went on to say that there are around 20,000-30,000 indoctrinated courses on college campuses across the country.

“The African American Studies and Women Studies departments are all political parties. A subject is not legitimate if it is used to recruit students to a political agenda. It’s intellectual garbage and you’re being robbed of your tuition dollars,” he said, his New York accent seeping through his words.

Horowitz wanted to make it clear that he has no issue with liberal professors, just those that bring it into the academic setting.

“I don’t care if a professor is a Marxist. The Wildcat got it wrong when they said I dislike left-wing instructors. But I have a problem with the ideologues who deprive their students of the educational experience.”

“I care how courses are taught, and this university just pretends to observe academic freedom.”

After explaining his belief that the March 2006 Duke University Lacrosse Scandal was an example of “a lynching of innocent white Christian men” against an African American stripper who lied about being raped, Horowitz went on to talk about his opposition to affirmative action.

Horowitz expressed criticism toward the saying, “We didn’t cross the border, the border crossed us.”

“BUT IT’S TRUE, FOR F***’S SAKE!” yelled a student wearing an Oregon State t-shirt. The older woman besides him soon got up and left the room, and many commentators told the man not to swear.

“Can you please use better language?” asked Horowitz.

“Are you going to throw a pie, too?” yelled Agriculture senior, Bethany Fourmy in reference to the 2004 pie throwing incident against Ann Coulter.

UA Sociology Professor, Jeffrey Larson was in attendance, and he was also mentioned in Horowitz’s book.

Larson questioned why Horowitz won’t start some sort of dialogue about the indoctrination issue with professors.

“I’d love to sit down and converse with you and other professors, but out of the 350-400 campuses I’ve been to, I’ve never been invited to talk to any departments. The Chronicle of Higher Education never reviewed my book, and many professor boycott me.”

Horowitz ended the discussion by explaining how he transformed from being a Marxist to a conservative. It all started when he was “suckered into joining the Black Panthers organization by Huey Newton. But when his good friend and Black Panther bookkeeper, Betty Patter was found in a river, Horowitz knew the Black Panthers had something to do with it.

“I learned the hard way that the left is dangerous. It sounds so wonderful and nice, the liberal idea of saving the world, living in harmony, and liberating all people, but the left has killed many people.”

Another reason why Horowitz is no longer a leftist?

“Conservatives can wake up and be happy if the world is better today than it was yesterday. They seek modest gains, and with modest gains, it’s less dangerous.”


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