Blog Correction-“Brother Jed Crew Day 4: Students Get Vicious”

UA Student, Paul Temple (who I called “Bible Boy” in my Brother Jed Chronicles) just emailed me about a correction to my post Brother Jed Crew Day 4: Students Get Vicious.

In the linked entry above, I interviewed Paul, a Brother Jed advocate who said that masturbation was a sin, and I accidentally misquoted a word of his dialogue. Here is the correction:

“You don’t think it’s okay to masturbate?” I asked.


“But what about blue balls?” I asked, unsure of how to professionally phrase my question, which is legitimate. How can masturbation be such a sin if men (and women) have to do it for health purposes?

“You can only get blue balls if you ARE aroused for a certain period of time, I avoid that,” Paul said.

“I try to avoid being aroused, and this is how I avoid ‘blue balls,'” he said today.

Little did I know, I misunderstood Paul when we first talked. I heard him say “aren’t” when he actually said “are.” I always make sure to get my information right, and Paul just posted, “do not misrepresent me, Laura,” so as a student journalist, it’s my duty to report a correction. Sorry for the inconvenience, everybody, I was just recording everything I heard word-for-word.


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