I’d Take Chris Brown Over Jay-Z

A week from tomorrow, Jay-Z, the Veronicas, Kelly Clarkson, and Third Eye Blind will play at Arizona Stadium, but according to a Daily Wildcat breaking news report, Jay-Z actually replaced Chris Brown.

With Chris Brown’s felony charge and other criminal activity, I’m not surprised he won’t be performing at the UA campus. He reportedly beat his girlfriend, Rihanna and has since sought psychological and religious counseling for his issues.

I may seem like a terrible person for saying this, but I think Chris Brown would have been the right addition to the band lineup. I don’t support domestic violence at all or anything, but Brown is newer and (in my opinion) more talented and popular. Jay-Z is washed up, and he’s the only performance I’m not looking forward to watching.

I can’t say much because ASUA officials have been “tight-lipped as to whether the university terminated contract talks or Brown himself decided not to play the show in the wake of the artist’s run-in with the law.” It’s still a shame from a musical standpoint, but at the same time, most people don’t really want to throw money at a potential wife-beater.


2 thoughts on “I’d Take Chris Brown Over Jay-Z

  1. I call shenanigans!

    Jay-Z is hardly “washed up”. Yeah, he’s not as popular as he once was, but he still moves records and sells out concerts, and he is definitively an icon of the second generation of hip hop. If you honestly think he’s old hat, then what do you think of Third Eye Blind? They haven’t had a hit in the Top 40 in six years. Jay-Z has had five since then and collaborated with other artists on four others.

    3EB’s last album was a spectacular flop, peaking at 12th, while every album Jay-Z has released since 1998 has shot to number one and gone platinum. Even aesthetically questionable “marketing genius” moves like his collaboration with Linkin Park sold a million copies.

    Yeah, Chris Brown is a newer talent, but he’s not made of teflon. No matter how his trial turns out, his image is forever tarnished. It’d be an insult for the UA to have Take Back the Night and Vagina Monologues one month and then turn around and hold a concert with a person suspected of beating his girlfriend the next.

  2. Jay-Z is definitely accomplished. My biggest qualm with the LAST SMASH concert is that most of the bands aren’t currently the hottest stars around, if you know what I mean. Third Eye Blind will never get old to me, but the Veronicas aren’t that well-known, and Kelly Clarkson hasn’t done well since her BREAKAWAY album came out in 2004. It was a great album, but her newer songs haven’t been as successful.

    Jay-Z is the most consistently successful of the four selections, but I would have liked to see at least one artist that is currently a huge star. Chris Brown won a Grammy for Best Breakout Artist, but that came before he hit his girlfriend.

    I agree that those UA groups would be rabid if Chris Brown came to campus. It doesn’t look good to host an artist who does stuff like that, and I’m sure Chris Brown has a lot of legality issues to sort out before he can really focus on his career.

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