Lay off Susan Boyle

Two weeks ago, “Britain’s Got Talent’s” goofy, overweight contestant, Susan Boyle surprised Simon Cowell and millions of viewers with her strong singing voice, and now she has a record deal in the bag, likely with Simon Cowell. Before Boyle began to sing, the audience and judges squinted and laughed as she gyrated her robust figure, danced without reason, and said she wanted to be a huge star. Everyone clearly underestimated what she was capable of based on her unusual appearance and uncouth personality.

Her voice brought judges and audience members to tears, and the Youtube video of Boyle instantly flooded news websites and email inboxes all over the world. If there was ever a Cinderella story, Susan Boyle is living it, especially since the 47-year-old woman told news sources that she has never been kissed and that she was bullied as a child for having a mental disability.

Now bloggers are digging for reasons to trash Boyle’s new success. The “never been kissed” story was apparently false, and Cafe Arjun has called Boyle out for it. I would rather that it was a lie for Boyle’s own sake, and even if she said it for attention, as many believe, her statement wasn’t terribly hard to believe, and it’s clear that she’s endured a lot in her life, anyway.

A Yahoo! Music Blog shared the reactions of other websites: branded her a “one-trick pony,” while was more understanding: “Do you think a peck on the cheek counts for being kissed?” the site asked.

Why does the American public have to tear down everyone who makes it in the entertainment industry? Boyle’s story is inspirational, and critics either make fun of her or make her out to be a bad person:

British fan D.E. Atkins wrote: “The makeover squad should leave Susan Boyle alone. It is her singing and simplicity that people love. Once they start trying to change Susan’s image they will spoil her.”

But is it too late? Is overnight stardom already threatening to change Susan Boyle?

Since her first audition, the local council has built a fence around her home to discourage autograph-hunters. Boyle has also hired a hunky live-in bodyguard, been seen sporting an expensive leather jacket, and has agreed to go on a date with one of the judges.

Who cares if she wants to be spoiled and pampered? Maybe she can feel amazing about her appearance for the first time in her 47 years on earth. There’s nothing wrong with finally attaining happiness, and so what if she goes on a date, wants an attractive bodyguard, and buys nice clothing?

There’s so much jealousy in this world. I can’t even understand why people bash gorgeous actors and actresses like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, but I know for a fact that any mincing words result from envy. And these same people can’t even be happy that Susan Boyle, a commoner who struggled in all senses of the word, is doing well and making a name for herself. If anyone, Susan Boyle deserves to be arrogant, chased after, and confident after all she’s had to face.


One thought on “Lay off Susan Boyle

  1. You might like feministing’s post and comments about the Susan Boyle thing. I thought it was interesting to see so many different takes on it. Personally, I agree with you — more power to her!

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