Playboy Magazine=The Downfall of UA

Read my second column in the Daily Wildcat this week.


3 thoughts on “Playboy Magazine=The Downfall of UA

  1. I haven’t read the article yet, but I don’t think I can bear to see what uninformed vitriol will be spewed at it in the comments. 😦

    1. Sure enough, three idiots, all ad hominem attacks with nothing substantial to say about the column.

      Personally, I think your opinion is right, but I don’t honestly think that Playboy wields as much influence over prospective college students as you seem to think.

      Take me, for example. I’m a “T-Loc” or whatever the hip lingo is for a Tucson native. I attend the UA because it’s in my backyard, it’s a relatively elite school that’s affordable, and I have loved the campus since I first saw it over 12 years ago as a first-grader on a field trip to the planetarium.

      I don’t party and I don’t read Hefner’s rag, but our identification as a Top 5 party school is admittedly pretty cool, in my opinion. No, it’s not the same as getting a Top 5 ranking in Forbes Magazine or anything really important, but it will increase publicity for the school in some small way. They did include a Brains ranking, though we’re the second-lowest in the Top 10 with a 14 out of 20. As someone else noted, the Sex ranking is based off of the Trojan Sexual Health Report Card, so the higher it is the better the college is at maintaining a safe-sex environment. It’s not perfect, but college students are adults and are going to fool around.

      That said, the interviewed student in the UA’s profile came off sounding like an idiot, and that’s unfortunate because that’s going to reflect on the entire college. For one thing, thinking you’re going to see girls skanking it up from August to May is a classic example of a fool that doesn’t understand desert climate. As I’m sure you’ve experienced, it may not be snowy, but it can get bitterly cold in winter months. I wish they’d picked someone with more to say than “Durr I is in Toosawn soz I can c boobiez all day!!one!”

      It also won’t look good to our friends in the Arizona legislature who are looking for any excuse to remove their dollars from education. This kind of thing is just the ammunition they’re looking for.

  2. Thanks for the constructive advice, Jimi, and I appreciate that you defended my stance on the website. Its not the end of the world to go to a party school, but it doesn’t reflect well on the academics, which are outstanding. I think anyone who makes personal attacks isn’t worth listening to. They can insult my column, but anyone who tells me to shut up isn’t articulate.

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