Slumdog Millionaire Co-Stars Dating

Us Weekly just confirmed that Slumdog Millionaire stars, Dev Patel (19) and Freida Pinto (24) are dating.

So why were they so quiet about it earlier this year during Oscar season?:

Both Patel and Pinto denied dating rumors earlier this year while they promoted “Slumdog Millionaire,” which won the Oscar for Best Picture.

“No, no, no,” Patel told Ryan Seacrest at the Academy Awards.

Their relationship is not the media’s business, but I see no reason to be so quiet about it. The press figures everything out eventually. It always perplexes me when celebrities act offended and insulted when asked about their personal lives. The same question can irritate me as well, but I’m not an actress, and if I were, I wouldn’t lie about a trivial inquisition.

Maybe the five-year age gap prompted the couple to remain hush-hush. You can argue that they shouldn’t have to tell the world about their love lives, but they invited the world into their personal space when they got involved in Hollywood.


4 thoughts on “Slumdog Millionaire Co-Stars Dating

  1. You write as if becoming “involved” in Hollywood is a drug, like doing cocaine or something. Like it’s a bad thing, and that your punishment for doing so is having no personal secrecy. This is retarded. The much bigger problems are how ridiculous the paparazzi can be, and how so many people seem to not be able to live without celebrity gossip.

    We’re also talking about actors who were formerly virtually unknown, and Slumdog Millionaire was a film that was not expected to do well at all. So keep in mind we’re referring to actors who probably have not yet learned the ropes, and are not used to Hollywood paparazzi, gossip, and the lack of privacy. I’m surprised they’ve adapted as well as they have as fast as they did.

  2. You completely misinterpreted what I meant by “involved.” They chose to be in the entertainment business, so they have to adapt accordingly. And it’s unfair of you to describe my belief as “retarded.” The paparazzi are doing their jobs as journalists are. You can say it was insensitive of journalists to knock on the doors of people who lost husbands in 9/11, but that’s the kind of news people read. The same goes for celebrity news.

    1. I should have used a different word and I apologize. But I was also referring to my misinterpretation of your point, so no matter.

      Regardless, I still don’t understand how it can be anywhere considered sane that people focus so much on the lives of celebrities. I simply do not understand how it is mentally healthy for you or anyone else to take a genuine, more-than-just-casual interest in who someone famous is dating.

      I also don’t see anyone truly benefitted by this. Who wins? Celebrities are adversely affected by their exposure, but at the same time, I also can’t think of a positive thing that the public gets out of their loss. Another article in an issue of OK! Magazine is worth that loss? Is it healthy for us to have a celebrity-obsessed culture?

      Hollywood’s well-known problems are created by this bizarre obsession. The art should be celebrated, the talent should be applauded, and who Lindsay Lohan is dating should be irrelevant. Or at least far, far less relevant.

      Until the public figures this out, then we shall continue to expect celebrities OD’ing on drugs, attempting suicide, becoming anorexic, punching reporters, etc.

  3. I’m not genuinely interested in their dating lives, but obviously, the public is, so as someone who wants to go into journalism, I’ll cater to the public. There are more interesting things to me than the swine flu epidemic and Susan Boyle, but because these topics attract readers, it makes sense for me to write about them.

    You’re right-It’s not healthy for the public to obsess over anyone’s dating situation, but it’s reality. I don’t think it’s healthy to have an iphone and constantly be online, but many people have turned to these technologies for solace instead of going outside, being active, etc. You can complain all you want that the paparazzi is sick and twisted for publishing these stories, but the people love reading it. How else can you justify Perez Hilton and Us Weekly’s popularity?

    I see why celebrities are mad, to tell you the truth, but they need to expect the negative attention if they want to be famous. I’m not comparing myself to them, but since I’ve been writing for my school paper, I’ve received tons of negative and positive attention, and sometimes the stress of it all takes a toll on my mentality, but I signed on for all the attention when I decided to write for a newspaper with a 15,000 person readership per day. There were times when I truly wanted to scream at some of the people who made assumptions about me in the letters to the editor section, and I sought counseling when the editor in chief of my newspaper publicly humiliated me in a column he published on the front page, but once again, the bad comes with the good.

    Celebrities have to realize that. They deal with it way worse than I ever did. If you want to be famous, as I suspect you kind of do, you have to see that this kind of horrible attention is inevitable. People will bash you no matter what, and it will hurt, but you’ll just have to endure if you want to be famous.

    I’m done.

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