Letter to the Editor-Expand SafeRide Services to Drunks

Take a look at this UA freshman’s letter to the editor in today’s issue of the Daily Wildcat:

SafeRide should reconsider ban on intoxicated passengers

Prior to their first semester at the UA, students generally take a tour of the campus. On this tour, the guide vehemently stresses the importance of safety while attending the UA. They describe the emergency call stands and explain our SafeRide transportation system. The one safety aspect they do not mention is that SafeRide does not transport intoxicated passengers.

I understand that the university does not promote underage drinking and cannot change state-wide laws. However, the administration must recognize that underage drinking is inevitable and instead, should focus on how they can keep students safe. In the zip code 85719 alone, there are 23 registered sex offenders, and by refusing service to students, their safety is in danger (National Alert Registry). By offering an alternate form of transportation, our campus would be able to cut down on drunk driving and other alcohol-related instances that occur between the time we leave a party, and the moment we arrive safely home.

Our administration needs to take a different approach to underage drinking and not assume that we will not drink just because they do not accept it. College can be the best time of our lives, but if we do not have the proper form of protection, it could be the worst.

Meaghan Malloy
pre-business freshman

Since when is ASUA, let alone the University of Arizona responsible for carting around drunk college students? Drink if you want, but don’t expect the university to pay for transportation while you’re in an inebriated state. Stop being stingy and get a cab. Discount Cab is pretty inexpensive, and if you’re traveling with other students, you can split the bill. The UA cannot be responsible for chauffeuring drunks, especially underage students.


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