An Interesting Take on My High School

Even though I’ve been out of high school for nearly three years, I sometimes re-watch this Youtube video of SVHS to remind myself that I’m lucky to have gotten out. Though I’m among the small percentage of people who loved high school, I didn’t love that my town was constantly under scrutiny for being small and full of bad capitalists.

Then UCLA sophomore and SVHS graduate, Drew Mylrea posed as a student from Pomona High School and interviewed five other SVHS students, all of which claimed to be conservative. They weren’t the types of conservatives I’d associate with, however. When asked about John Kerry, they could only call him names and describe him with slanderous language.

These students are entitled to far right-wing beliefs, but they didn’t seem well-informed on any political issues they were asked about. Therein lies the problem. I’m not sure how Mylrea selected this group to talk to, but these people are not representative of the SVHS population, as much as some students would like to believe that Scotts Valley is made up of only rich, spoiled, racist children.

Santa Cruz is just a ten minute drive away from Scotts Valley, so anyone with unrepentant conservative beliefs will not necessarily be thought highly of. The old Scotts Valley Republican Town Center, which was recently shut down, was vandalized during the 2004 presidential election when someone threw a rock through the window.

This depiction does not give the world an accurate picture of what SVHS is like, nor does it give insight into the minds of thoughtful Republican teenagers. The girl, who appears after four minutes of the video, used to swear at our math teacher and then tell me that I was the only person in the entire classroom that she didn’t hate. If you can believe it, this girl was one of the most compassionate people I ever met at the high school, so even though she comes off as a selfish conservative, she does care about other people, and I’m certain that some of her insane dialogue was only meant to shock people. The same can probably be said for the others interviewed. Some students just don’t know how to correctly express themselves. I’d say this is a typical character flaw of high school students.


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