A “B” in a Class

I got a “B” in my Women and Literature course. Having gotten 90’s on every assignment, I was expecting an “A,” and it’s a little ridiculous of professors to give low A/high B students the lower of the two grades. I definitely aced the final exam, but maybe my analytic paper brought me down. Either way, I’m very disappointed and feel cheated. Every semester, I either get lucky or shafted in one class, and this seems to be the course.

Now that grades have been distributed, I can criticize the left-leaning atmosphere, or rather, the left “seeming” students. Though many students demonstrated having liberal views, some of these people seemed very fake about their beliefs.

After growing up in California, I can tell the difference between a real liberal and a false one, and a great deal of these students seemed to follow certain liberal beliefs just to please the professor, to impress others, or even to seem like a good person in their own eyes.

This semester, I’ve seen two professors cry when teaching sad material, but only one of these professors seemed truly devastated while the other just wanted to portray herself as compassionate. Dr. Soren could barely speak as he lectured on famous 1950’s dancer/singer/actress Vera Ellen to his Classics 329 class. Soren even wrote a book about Vera Ellen, who was mistreated by men later in life, a parent who buried her own baby, a sufferer of eating disorders, and someone who died too young. Dr. Soren was ready to break down into hysterics when talking about the horrible things that were done to Vera Ellen. I couldn’t believe how genuinely upset my professor was for this entertainer who he never even met. I could feel the authenticity of his emotions, however, and I didn’t feel this same sincerity when my other professor briefly choked up while discussing slavery.

Call me insensitive for questioning her devastation, but I picked up on definite bull shit. Even if she was upset about slavery, she was performing to some extent, and the classroom is no place for theatrics. I don’t doubt that she hated slavery, but the crying episode came across as false and calculated.

The classroom expressed a visceral hatred for men, and it made me uncomfortable. As I’ve said before, I felt bad for the only guy in the class, who sat right behind me and never contributed to class discussions. In the poetry and texts the class read, men were portrayed as rapists, domineering, sex-driven, sexist, and power hungry.

On the last day of class, I laughed aloud when reading Joy Harjo’s poem, “Rainy Dawn” because the professor said Harjo named her daughter Rainy Dawn for being born on a rainy dawn. I said that I would be furious if my parents named me something so stupid, and a few people disagreed with my comment and assured me that Rainy Dawn is actually a beautiful name. Okay, go through your life being called Rainy Dawn and then tell me if you still think it’s practical and poetic. A close friend from home is named Day, and she wants to punch every person who jokes, “Have a good day, Day,” “Beautiful Day out,” or something equally corny.

Maybe my behavior didn’t contribute to my disappointing grade, but even if it did, I’m still glad to have been the only person to stand up against what I perceived as stupid and bigoted. I saw right through some of the false sentiments of my classmates, and I couldn’t understand their bitterness against men. But I’m out now, and I don’t plan on taking another repetitive Women’s Studies class, not because I can’t stand the politics of the course, but because it’s one-dimensional and boring for only showing one side to every story.


8 thoughts on “A “B” in a Class

  1. Tough luck, Laura. Sorry about the B. From what you’ve mentioned about this class, it’d be very annoying to be preached at and expect a grade based on how much you conformed to it. I took (and subsequently dropped) a sociology course about inequality and it also felt very preachy.

    I would hate to be that poor guy sitting there in that class, though! I know you said before that he gets all kinds of looks from the women in the class.

    1. Seriously. I’m sorry about your sociology course. It’s possible to instruct these classes without being preachy, but the professors and students still feel compelled to enforce an agenda on everyone.

      I did feel bad for the guy. Honestly, some of these women should just get laid and get over their bitterness.

      1. I think it had more to do with the instructor of my class being inexperienced (she was a doctoral student that was in her second year teaching) than a conscious imposition of an agenda on the students. The way that she presented information was as neutral as possible, but she pretty much taught from her readings. After I found that out, I knew what kind of ideology I was going to be seeing with titles like “Categorically Unequal” and “One Nation, Underprivileged.”

  2. I took an INDV class freshman year taught by Spike Peterson—horribly preachy. We had two very extensive written exams—a mid term and a final. The mid term I did not conform to the professor’s ideals, and I got a D. For the final, I wrote exactly what I knew she wanted to hear, and I got an A minus. I have a difficult time believing my final was just that much better than my mid term.

    So yeah, I know exactly where you’re coming from.

    1. David Horowitz wrote all about Spike Peterson’s liberal agenda in ONE-PARTY CLASSROOM. From your drastically different scores and Horowitz’s studies, Peterson definitely seems to abuse her power as an instructor. Thanks for the pick-me-up! I think everyone has some sort of biased course in college.

    2. V. Spike Peterson has obtained a reputation of sorts. Reports of her going into tear-stained rants during the final lectures of some of her classes abound, so this doesn’t really surprise me.

      1. I wonder what kind of rants she has. The university should intervene if V. Spike Peterson is giving unfair grades and blatantly expecting her students to conform to her beliefs.

  3. Yeah, the way I see it, there are people who are “liberal” because it’s cool, there are people who are liberal because they don’t know any better, and then there are people who are liberal because they actually know what they are talking about and agree with it.

    The same can be said about conservatives or anything really, but yes, amongst the youth, the amount of people in the “it’s cool” or “too dumb to know any better” categories of liberalism is staggering.

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