Casa Video: A Tucson Treasure

logoWith Blockbusters going out of business and Netflix becoming increasingly more popular, it’s nice to see a family owned video store in Tucson maintain success.

Casa Video is probably one of the best mom-and-pop video stores in existence. The movie industry has struggled long before the economic recession. People have always been trying to pirate films, and new technological advances have made this easier. It’s possible to watch new theatrical releases on the internet. Even Netflix users have been known to rent a DVD and burn it so the movie has basically become their own for a cheap price. Some of my friends laugh when they find out that I still purchase movies the old, honest way.

In spite of the competition, Casa Video seems to be a successful source for renting movies. The owner has gone the extra mile to keep his store in business. Everyone who walks into Casa Video can pick up a free bag of buttered popcorn. Then, they’re welcome to browse the immense store, which has every film you can possibly imagine. Judging by the dark atmosphere reminiscent of a movie theater projection room, it’s clear that Casa Video has been around for many years, and there’s a lot of character to each section of the store.

Last year, my Shakespeare professor repeatedly mentioned that Casa Video has the greatest film selection in Tucson. I was told to watch 12 specific French films before my summer abroad trip this May. As to be expected, the French department did not enforce a DVD return policy, so I was unable to see all the required films for my summer class.

Thankfully, Casa Video had the movies I needed to watch, among thousands of other foreign films. Casa Video also has an interactive website that allows users to check film availability and if all copies are rented or in store. Casa Video can even mail-order movies to customers.

Employees have even taken to writing blog entries about new and old movies on the website. Three-day rentals are $3.50 and due back at the store by 1 a.m. on the fourth day as opposed to Blockbuster’s $4.50 price for 2-day rentals due back at noon on the third. You can get some films for as low as $2. Casa Video is open from 9 a.m.-1 a.m. every day, unlike Blockbuster, which closes at 10 p.m. on weeknights in most locations.

Best of all, Casa Video has a collection of VHS tapes if you’re into that sort of thing. Even though times are changing, it’s really nice to step into a large video store. It gives me hope for other venues such as used and new bookstores, even. I really hope Casa Video stays in business for a very long time, even though technological advancements will make it even easier for everyone to get movies in an alternative way.


4 thoughts on “Casa Video: A Tucson Treasure

  1. I couldn’t agree more! Casa is one of the best things about Tucson — several of my favorite movies are VHS-only things I’ve stumbled on while browsing there. What are the best things you’ve found there?

    1. Casa Video really is incredible. I love the atmosphere, and I was most impressed with the variety of obscure, older dramas. They have huge sections for nearly every genre and they carry so many types of movies. Unfortunately, I don’t have a VHS player at home, but I’m glad that Casa Video still caters to tape players. After all, it’s hard to find BEAUTY AND THE BEAST on DVD, so I have it on tape in California. Most Disney movies can’t be found on DVD.

  2. Although I only go to rental stores for video games (does Casa have those?), I can definitely respect a mom & pop store doing well in this day and age. My ENGL teacher also recommended Casa Video back in the Fall as a place to check out a movie that we were strongly urged to see. I’ll have to check it out next time I gotta see a flick.

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