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192Among the blogroll links, I have linked my new Summer 2009 in Paris blog, which I’ll be updating as much as possible while in France this summer.

As I said in the first blog entry, I’ll be spending six weeks in Paris through the Arizona in Paris program. Essentially, I am traveling to Paris with twenty other UA students and two UA instructors to take courses at the University of Paris-7. I’ll also be living with a French family, and thankfully, my host family has four little kids and lives within walking distance of the Eiffel Tower.


Many friends and commentators have asked if I’ll continue with this blog this summer, and the answer is YES. I want to maintain this news commentary blog as well as keep everyone updated on my Paris observations, so if you want to read something even more personal and prose-y, be sure to check out my study abroad blog from time to time. As I said in my first post, the weirdest things happen to me wherever I go, so I’m sure I’ll write about some of my bizarre Parisian experiences. Hopefully, I won’t bore everyone!


4 thoughts on “My Study Abroad Blog

  1. I love how it’s called Arizona in Paris. I’m pretty sure the last thing anyone would want in Paris is Arizona. Don’t get me wrong, I love Arizona, but oh boy, what a name. Phoenix, France. 108 degrees with a chance of saguaro catci and escargot. That is the France I dream of.

    Humor aside, have fun!!! I’m going to be in Europe for a good portion of summer, I’ll be sure to let you know if I’m around. How will you be keeping in touch while you’re there?

    1. You’re so right. Arizona and France are so different. The AZ in Paris program coordinator is from the south of France and she always talks about how different both places are. I can’t imagine moving here after living there.

      I’m going to buy an international cell phone when I arrive. At first, I’m going to use my pre-paid calling cards, skype, and the internet when I have access. You have an iphone, right? That will work over in France.

      But I’ll definitely send you a message when I’m settled and we can meet up! I’ll let you know when I have my cell phone and then we can set something up. Have fun in Europe!

  2. Yep, I’ve got international roaming and I’ll just be keeping my iPhone. Good luck with everything!

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