No, Glamour, Text Messages Don’t Lead to Relationships

Glamour just posted a “Do’s and Don’ts of Text-Message Flirting” blog.

Even in this technology age, I’m pretty sure it’s better to flirt with someone face-to-face than over text message. Instead of instructing readers how to send romantic signals via text, Glamour should tell the world that the first step to dating someone is to talk to him/her in person. There’s no other way.


2 thoughts on “No, Glamour, Text Messages Don’t Lead to Relationships

  1. I honestly could not read the advice on that page with a straight face. It’s completely asinine. “Learn how to send him into the friend zone?” I thought most women deny the “friend zone” thing, so it’s curious to see its existence acknowledged here. On top of that, the explanation that accompanies the bullet point is misleading. Yeah, I might or might not think that a girl that calls me “pal” or “kid” isn’t all that into me, but I will definitely think she’s exceedingly arrogant.

    Ultimately, I think the article is trying to define flirting in text messaging as a replacement for telephone calls, but it never says anywhere that doing it in person is better. I don’t know if it’s just assumed that the reader will know that, but girls that read silly rags like Glamour for relationship tips probably need that explained to them.

    1. It’s pathetic…Anyone who reads that much into text messaging needs to get out more. It’s perfectly acceptable to send these kind of texts, but ultimately, it’s more appropriate to actually take initiative with a person by TALKING TO HIM/HER in person. We cannot just replace human contact for this kind of thing. People will increasingly become more awkward with each other if they rely on technology for dating activity.

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