I Haven’t Forgotten About This Blog

As to be expected, summer blogging will be slow at light, at least in this news commentary blog. You can always check out my Summer Study Abroad Blog for updates on my summer/Paris adventures. I will definitely try to keep up with this blog as much as possible. Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about it one bit!

With that note, maybe you should look into Matt Styer’s Critical Political and Vishal Ganesan’s own commentary blog. They’re probably the most prolific Under the Sun summer bloggers as of late. Feel free to also take a look at the ever incredible Desert Lamp as well as Alyson Hill’s Arfing Around the Bend and Justyn Dillingham’s scholarly Civic Spirit.

I’ll try to update as much as possible. As I said before, I’m going to be writing in my Study Abroad blog a lot, but I still want to maintain this. Keep reading, everyone! If I can’t meet your blog needs, be sure to read all the Under the Sun blogs. These are all amazing writers and dynamic people you’d be lucky to know personally.


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