California Gay Marriage Ban Stands

The California Supreme Court upheld a voter-approved ban on same-sex marriage Tuesday, but it also decided that the estimated 18,000 gay couples who tied the knot before the law took effect will stay wed.

Demonstrators outside the court yelled “shame on you!”

Even RINO, Meghan McCain expressed her disappointment on Twitter:

Seriously California, what the f—? I can’t believe the ban was upheld…we have to keep fighting!!! Gay marriage will be passed!!!

I’ll be honest- I have never had a bigoted bone in my body. I have many gay friends and I hate to see them slighted, but Californians and Americans should realize that the majority of California voted in favor of Prop 8, which “restricts the definition of marriage to opposite-sex couples and eliminated same-sex couples’ right to marry, thereby overriding portions of the ruling of In re Marriage Cases.”

Maybe California isn’t as liberated as everyone would like to believe.

As much as I support gay marriage and equality, I’m tired of people using this ban as an excuse to seem socially evolved and above it all. Go on Facebook and you’ll see your friends posting statuses such as:

California is embarrassing! No on Prop 8 AGAIN???? F—in idiots. Iowa is more liberal than you guys now…

Shame on the California Supreme Court.

Wow, California.

Do these people really care that much, anyway, or are they just trying to appear compassionate on Facebook and Twitter? As I’ve said before, there are three types of liberals in my book. There are people who identify with liberalism when they actually don’t know anything about politics. There are legitimate liberals who are well-informed. Then there is my personal favorite-People who say they’re liberal just so other people will think they’re decent human beings. The same can be said about conservatives who either don’t know what they’re talking about or who say they’re conservative to uphold a certain image.

Sometimes, I think these individuals who complain about gay marriage bans are what I like to call fake liberals who just want to seem like caring people. Obviously, not everyone is like that, but if you’re not going to vote on the ballot, and if you’re going to instead brag on Twitter that you’re passionate about allowing gay marriage, you’re not giving your all to this cause.

With that being said, I’m sad for my homosexual friends who would like to someday marry men. But I’m not going to broadcast my disappointment via Facebook and Twitter so everyone can see how good of a person I am.


3 thoughts on “California Gay Marriage Ban Stands

  1. I love how they’re saying “We have to keep fighting!” If the California Supreme Court upheld the ban, that’s the end of the gay-rights ambition right there. The right-leaning SCOTUS isn’t likely to move in opposition of it. I consider myself far-left on many things, but you’re right: the outpouring of false sympathy is sickening.

    1. To follow up, another thing that came up on one of the “related posts” beneath your post is this, from

      “According to a recent poll, 48% of Californians would vote to repeal Prop 8, versus 47% who would uphold it. 5% remain undecided.”

      That’s not exactly broad consensus to overturn the proposition, so I understand why the California state justices voted against doing so. Either way, the entire west is probably about to bear witness to a riotous legal battle. After all, California’s looking to do anything to get people’s eyes away from the record $23 billion budget deficit.

  2. I think you’re right to some extent. A lot of people are completely ignorant of the whole political process, and I think you’re partly right about California. Then again, a lot of people still do have entirely sincere opinions about policy in places other than where they live, and there is nothing wrong with this!

    Living in Florida, where we had Amendment 2, a preemptive amendment banning any kind of domestic civil partnerships besides heterosexual marriage, I have an obviously somewhat different take on all of this of course. What needs to be done is to wait a few years. Sometimes things take time, but the thing is that if even conservatives of our generation, like you, are in favor of gay marriage, it will eventually happen. Democratically, and not by court ruling.

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