Huffington Post Commentator: Blames Mormons for Prop 8

Upon reading a Huffington Post column about the ban on gay marriage in California, I scrolled down the page to read the comments and came across a whiny, misguided post by commentator, LeaderofMen:

I’ll make one correction that you overlooked. It wasn’t ‘the people’ of CA that did this. It was the Mormons from UT and the rest of the hyper mythology-oriented (eg, religious) people who did this. With lots of money and tons of lies. Did you ever see the TV ads the fundies put on the air? They were disgusting.

Prop. 8 was conceived, organized and passed because of religion. Plain and simple.

Many people against Prop. 8 would agree with this claim. Let’s just blame the Utah Mormons for an event in California. None of these Utah residents could vote on the California ballot. Sure, they advertised in California, but the voters ultimately decided to uphold Prop. 8. A percentage of Californians were influenced by these TV ads, but in the end, the Mormons didn’t have a say in California voting. They fund raised the same way that Prop. 8 opponents made their views known.

At the end of the day, anyone in exact accordance with LeaderofMan’s theory is just trying to blame the gay marriage ban on anyone but Californians.


3 thoughts on “Huffington Post Commentator: Blames Mormons for Prop 8

  1. I had a response here, but ultimately I just feel like I have nothing to add. You’ve pretty much summed up my feelings on it right there. LeaderofMan can rant and rave all (s)he likes, but ultimately a majority of California voters approved and passed Proposition 8. The campaign against the proposition spent $4 milliion more than their opponents, so the entire comment is invalid!

    If enough Californians regret the decision they made and alter their stance, they can put another ballot referendum up to repeal the amendment. Until then, the ambition of same-sex marriage in the state of California is on hold.

    1. Wow, ad hominem attacks in blog comments? How utterly usual!

      Care to explain how I’m an “idiot”, sir?

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