An Inspirational UA Student to Appear on the Today Show

I’m very proud to say that my longtime UA friend, Zac York will appear on the “Today Show” on Monday to share his experiences with a brain tumor survival. The Arizona Daily Wildcat grabbed this story and mentioned that Zac will also appear in Carolyn Rubenstein’s book, “Perseverance.”

As someone who has lost a parent to liver cancer, there is nothing more amazing to me than a cancer survivor, so it’s rewarding and uplifting to see the Wildcat publish an inspirational cancer survival story on the front page. I’m glad that Zac will appear on TV, and I truly hope his courage and strength will resonate with viewers, particularly the terminally ill who may have already come to terms with the fact that their days are numbered.

Zac didn’t submit to any negativity, and he kept fighting for his life at a young age. This is the best story I’ve seen in the Wildcat, and I hope to see these kinds of leads more often. More than anything, I’d like Zac’s circumstances to be less of an exception and more of a rule when it comes to cancer survival.

It’s commendable enough that Zac went out of state for college after recovering from cancer. I first met the San Diego native in my Physical Universe general education class during my first semester at UA. The two of us went in to talk to our professor during office hours, and we soon realized that we were both creative writing students.

We even caught the same flight back to California during spring break, and we lived in Villa del Puente dorm during our sophomore year. Zac was the only one of my friends who could understand the pain I suffered from losing my dad to an uncontrollable illness, and I was very thankful to have a friend who legitimately understood the messiness that comes with cancer.

For someone who has been through arguably the most terrifying experience possible, Zac doesn’t complain at all. He’s incredibly positive and doesn’t really talk about his past. He doesn’t believe in dumping his troubles on anyone, and he has many friends in the English department and on campus. There should be more people like him in this world, and I wish I could be as strong as he is. a brain tumor


3 thoughts on “An Inspirational UA Student to Appear on the Today Show

  1. bravo Zack ! I know on what you went through… because I’ve met this “host” twice : before my mom, then me – so now, for you Zack and all the people who still ill, as I use to say to my lovely children : “GODI LA VITA COME TI CAPITA, PERCHE SUL PASSATO NON SI TORNA MAI INDIETRO”* – veronique – =)
    (*enjoy life as it happen, because we’ll never go back on our past) – hope the translation will be good laura 🙂

  2. my daughter had aml as a child and at age 40 tried two ivf cycles with an egg donor. both times she became pregnant but lost both pregnancies at 8 weeks after a heart beat was heard. does anyone know a cancer survivor who used an egg donor and was successful?
    thanks for any input.

    1. hi bobbie – it’s so sad for your daughter ! by luck had my children before my cancer so sorry to not be able to help you – I can share my sad experience : when my cancer was revealed I was 3 months pregnant for a 3rd child(I was 33 years old) and unfortunatly I had to have a mandatory abortion because if I wanted to go ahead with the pregnancy my chances to survive were weak and also, during the pregnancy the chimiotherapy would have made important damages to the baby – was a very difficult decision to take, but doctors don’t let me choice – I hope you’ll find someone who can have good answer to your question and put hope in your daughter’hart – however, if I can do something for you from there, (I’m french)just let me know –

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