Free Laundry Services in UA Residence Halls

The UA just decided to comp all residence hall laundry fees. This would have been nice when I lived in the residence halls for two years. Back then, I had to pay $0.75 for the washer and $1.00 for the dryer. I wasn’t concerned with the price, but I did find myself waiting up to an hour for a free laundry machine to open up. If lines are already long, imagine what the wait will be like now that laundry is free.


4 thoughts on “Free Laundry Services in UA Residence Halls

  1. it is surprisingly not that backed up (line wise). it all really depends on when you do the laundry. If one does it during a peak laundry time, then yes, it will be backed up.

    Free laundry is a great thing…..

      1. I live in Navajo-Pinal, which means our proximity to the Stadium and the grungy neighborhoods south of 6th Street makes us particularly vulnerable to tailgaters and non-residents roaming the halls for ill intent. The need to keep our dorm safeguarded from undesirables was repeated throughout our wing meetings. I’ve already had to refuse entry to a random guy hanging out at the Pinal entrance and a clearly inebriated spectator from the CMU game last weekend, and I’ve seen others do the same, so I think the message has gotten across.

        That said, it’s not backed up here at all. I have always been able to do laundry on-demand so far this year. Then again, I do my laundry at 7 in the morning, so take that with a grain of salt.

      2. Thanks, Jimi. Due to your dorm location, you’re particularly vulnerable to unwanted outsiders, and you shouldn’t have another reason to worry about someone breaking in. Who wants to deal with crazy free loaders. They’ll also steal units from paying residents.

        I’m glad you are in the dorms this year! I am so glad I lived on campus for two years. College was way more fun that way.

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