Yale Grad Student Slaying

“Rape, like many things, is kind of a class matter. You have to not deserve it for the world to care even a little bit.” -Charles Bowden.

Though likely unrelated to rape, the recent Yale University grad student slaying reminds me of this quote. A young woman is found dead in a university building and the world acts as if this kind of thing is so unusual and shocking. Unfortunately, people are murdered everyday, and these tragedies aren’t publicized in the same manner.

An English professor used to talk about society’s fascination with the tragedies of women, and he mentioned Edgar Allan Poe’s Raven theme that the death of a beautiful woman is the most poetic thing in the world. Across the country, everyone knew when Chandra Levy, Laci Peterson, and Natalie Holloway went missing, and now, audiences are mourning the loss of Yale’s Annie Le.


Society can use this unfortunate event to be more cautious. Believe it or not, someone is unfairly killed more than once a year, the news just chooses not to give each case substantial amount of coverage.


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