Each day is a gift.

Check out this column I wrote.


2 thoughts on “Each day is a gift.

  1. I read today’s Wildcat and noticed that Morgan was an East Asian Studies major. I left that major last semester to pursue PoliSci, but it’s a tiny group (I was the only one of my entire orientation group to have it, and I’ve only met two others). To lose a fellow student fascinated by the culture, language, and history of the far east in such a manner is terrible, and I do grieve his loss, despite never meeting the man.

    1. He was one of the most fascinating people I’ve met. He was born in France, fluent in English and French, a high school football player, a UA cheerleader, an honors student, and someone who had studied abroad in China twice and France once.

      He was one of my favorite people on the trip. I was better friends with Maya and Ava, but Morgan was always funny. It was because of him that I got through my horrible classes with the director. Morgan always made me laugh and he planned all our social events. He WAS Arizona in Paris…everyone loved him and he had a way of understanding all of us, even me, and I kept to myself quite a bit towards the end because I missed my friends at home.

      I’m so sad for Morgan and his family, but I appreciate the impact he had on so many lives.

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