Another Update on LD

It looks like I’m going to bring this blog back to life.

I’m a current news reporter for the Daily Wildcat, and I’ll most likely be contributing weekly opinions pieces as well. Those of you that know me understand that I can never fully part with opinion pieces, even though I’m embracing the fast pace and research benefits of news writing.

Here are some of the news stories I’ve written so far this semester:
Gospel Preachers Return to UA
UA Student to Sell Bracelets for Haiti Effort
Missing UA Alum Found, Dead
Foreign Students Visit Less in Spring
Rental Offers Cheaper Alternative

I’ve just purchased a web domain, and I’m in the process of having that web domain transfer here. If only I can get some techies to help me out with that.

Anyway, I’ll launch my .com soon, but it will only transfer over to this blog. I just figured I needed a domain, being that I’m trying to get with the times.

Thanks to all my faithful readers who still frequent this blog, even though I’ve neglected it for one reason or another. I appreciate the support, criticism, and advice. Stay tuned.


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