One more week until Judgment Day.

It’s hard to believe that a year has gone by since Brother Jed Smock visited the UA campus and I started my Brother Jed Chronicles, which have gotten an insane amount of traffic.

With that, Jed Smock will be back on campus in exactly one week’s time.

Let’s hope the weather permits him to speak up and incite chaos from the student body.

ASUA Pride Alliance has already created a Facebook event page for Smock’s arrival, and they’re looking for volunteers to don angel wings in protest of Smock’s preachings.

I’m expecting a lot of insanity on campus those days, and it’s truly a shame that I will only be able to cover two of the five days that Smock is on campus.

Expect to see reports from me on February 15 and 16 for sure.

Sadly, I will be flying to Washington, D.C. on February 17 for CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference). Let’s just pray that the D.C. snowstorm subsides by then.

Anyway, get excited for Brother Jed’s presence on campus.

Love him or hate him, he’s an incredible entertainer and fascinating evangelist. I definitely don’t agree with everything he says, but I cannot doubt his effectiveness. Even his haters remember him. He’s someone that will never disappear from your thoughts.

Stay tuned for Jed Smock reports and stories.


4 thoughts on “One more week until Judgment Day.

  1. Get them at the age when Ayn Rand, Karl Marx, and L Ron Hubbard actually have appeal. It’s good strategery.

    Speaking of “of age”, I find myself how many of our freshmen would like to convert his now-18 daughter. Probably means the “selling crazy” business will be better than usual.

    1. They’ll have no luck converting his daughter-She’s strong willed and dead set on saving her first kiss for marriage (that’s what she said the last time we talked. I’ll interview her again and ask if this goal still stands).

      I’m sure the freshmen will harass the Smock teenage girls, both of whom are really cute. They won’t be converted, though. It would be interesting to know if the girls have to fend off men, but I’m pretty sure most young men wouldn’t want to get on Jed’s bad side!

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