ASUA announces 2010-2011 candidates

My buddy and fellow Wildcat news reporter Jazmine Woodberry did an excellent job with her news piece revealing the 2010-2011 candidates for the Associated Students of the University of Arizona executive board:

Candidates for the Associated Students of the University of Arizona executive board announced their intentions to run for ASUA’s thriteen available seats on Monday. The executive vice presidential and presidential candidate spots remain unopposed, and none of the senators are running for reelection for senate seats.

Emily Fritze, the current executive vice president, is running for president, and Sen. Katherine Weingartner is gunning for Fritze’s seat as executive vice president.

Two candidates, Sen. Hillary Davidson and sophomore Brett Ponton, will be battling it out for the only non-senate seat in contention, administrative vice president.

Seventeen students are running for the 10 open senate seats.

A mandatory candidate meeting will be held tonight at 5 in the Rincon Room of the Student Union Memorial Center. Candidates will meet-and-greet there before official campaigning begins Feb. 15.

There are lower numbers of contenders this year, although the administrative vice president and the executive vice president spots have been unopposed in previous years, said Justine Piscitello, ASUA elections commissioner.

Piscitello noted she will be having a meeting with a write-in presidential candidate, but has no details about names or whether they will make it onto the ballot.

The first chance for students to make their voices heard at the ballot boxes will be during primary elections, held March 2 and 3. Voting will be held on the ASUA Web site.

Should be an awesome election! Now, who are the students running for senate? I foresee an intense election like last year’s.

Props to Emily Fritze for running for president, this is something I think we all predicted. She’s been heavily involved with campus activities since her first semester at the UA, and she accomplished a lot during her time as senator and EVP. The College Readership program may not have been as successful as she hoped it would be, but it was a great test run and something that all UA students appreciated while it lasted. It will be nice to have another female ASUA president if Fritze is elected.

The true battle will more than likely be among the senators as well as the administrative vice president applicants.

Good luck to everyone. This will surely be an exciting time on the UA campus.


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