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One thing is certain-this Wildcat mailbag writer will not appreciate Brother Jed Smock’s visit to the UA campus next week:

Didn’t come to college for the barkers

Oh my god. That’s how I feel about walking down the mall these days. Ever since the preacher came here in January, the man with the dog has been more invasive and preachy. It’s not just him, either: today there are two people holding signs and one person preaching very loudly near the library. I came to the university to learn about science and communication and how to be a responsible citizen of the world. I did not come here to be proselytized by people who always have the same, unwelcome messages. It is unfortunate that such a wonderful freedom of expression has such a downside. That said, I’d rather have the freedom than not. Alas.

Ray Flores
East Asian studies junior

I understand this man’s frustration, but he can’t have it both ways. If you want freedom of expression, you have to accept the downsides.

Like we learned at a young age, you just can’t have it all.