I’ve been reading Tucker Max’s I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell, which is unreal, to say the least. He has some of the most outrageous, funniest stories imaginable, and he’s part of the reason why non-fiction literature has become so successful. Thank you Tucker Max for making others take my future field seriously!

My only qualm with the book, and Tucker Max himself, is that he has double standards for women. He claims to have slept with hundreds of women. He tells his readers about his unconventional sexual activities, which include anal sex, the shocker, public sex, etc.

I’d have no problem with his promiscuity if he wasn’t so judgmental towards women. He says about one particularly scandalous girl, “This is going to be someone’s mother someday. She’s going to kiss her child with those lips.” He states that some women are just filthy whores who deserve no respect, and that’s after he swears at women, tells them they’re worthless, and punches one of them in the crotch simply for being unattractive.

Like I said, I don’t judge him for the fun things he does. His stories are awesome. Still, I have a lot of trouble respecting a man who acts like this and refuses to accept that women can do all the same things. Why is it okay for him to sleep with hundreds of women and not for girls to do the same sort of thing?

Tucker Max, your book is hilarious, but don’t put women down for being slutty when you are the male equivalent.


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