Happy Friday

Before you commence with your Spring Break festivities, read my column about why schools should permit same-sex prom dates and news story on the $2 million donation for the Arizona Assurance scholarship.

Normally, I wouldn’t draw attention to a mailbag letter, but this particular letter to the editor is phenomenal and should be framed. Too bad the majority of ASUA voters couldn’t have this kind of insight when they elected eight unqualified senators (I’m not including Adams and Mariner. I actually foresee them as the new senate’s only hope). Anyway, read this letter:

Popularity contested

Finally, the popularity contest that is the ASUA senatorial race has concluded. Now my Facebook news feed can be saved from the constant “vote for (insert name here)” status updates and group invites. Once again, I can hear about that horse stable somebody built on FarmVille or those fantastic heart gifts. No longer do I have to be told to vote for someone because they’re a “great person.” I can once again walk down the halls of my dorm without hearing a candidate whining about an editorial that was critical of his campaign “platform.”

However, I must congratulate the winning candidates; you have all done a superb job of pulling the friend card and showing masterful use of social networking. Your three-word campaign posters and irrelevant witty slogans, like “sax appeal”, were most effective in taking you “Myles” and capturing the vote of the mundane. Their undying allegiance to your campaigns is incredible and concerning, all at the same time. Again, I say congratulations on recognizing that this race was about who could accrue the most hits on his Facebook group page. Now, the real challenge has arrived: representing 40,000+ students. I hope candy-coated platforms of Gandhi quotes and “ABCs” have something under that chocolate shell.

Mason Storm Byrd
Political science freshman


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