Spring Break…I need something to write about.

Considering the insane amount of traveling (living in France for two months, visiting France three months prior to that, going to Italy and England, roadtripping to DC in three days, flying to Boston and Vegas and all over California) I’ve done since December 2008, I decided to go home for spring break.

Initially, I had plans to go with my roommates to San Diego, but it was more important for me to see family, most of whom I sadly ignored quite a bit over winter break. Plus, I lived in southern California until I was 9 years old, so San Diego isn’t exactly some magical vacation spot for me. My roommates wanted to go to Sea World and the San Diego Zoo, and I despise both parks for caging up a bunch of animals. Read my column on the issue.

I would have loved to have visited the Whaley House, which is registered as a haunted house, in Old Town San Diego. Quel dommage!

With that, all is fine at home in northern California. I’ve been spending a lot of time with my mom and nephews. I desperately want to be writing news stories and opinion pieces, and I’ll get back into all that soon enough. For now, I’ve already written a WildLife review for Chelsea Handler’s new book. Look out for that review in next Wednesday’s Wildcat. Expect a ton of news stories as well.


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