Justice may be served…or not.

Six teenagers and three students have finally been charged in connection with the suicide of Phoebe Prince, according to the Boston Globe. In case you didn’t read my January opinions column on the suicide of Miss Prince, she was a 15-year-old Irish immigrant who was relentlessly bullied at South Hadley High School in western Massachusetts. Prince took her own life in the aftermath of severe harassment and cyber bullying.

It seems as if the state of Massachusetts has really begun taking bullying seriously. The Massachusetts House just approved a bill “to curtail bullying in schools and in cyberspace, mirroring similar legislation passed last week by the Senate” .

“This bill aims to secure our students from bullying, both during the school day and after school hours,’’ House Speaker Robert A. DeLeo said in a statement. “In light of recent tragedies, the House has taken the appropriate steps to protect our students from the terror of bullying and cyber-bullying.’’

I’m proud to see the changes being made in Massachusetts to combat the horrendous emotional abuse that results from bullying, but I’m highly disappointed that it took this country so long to finally recognize the gravity of harassment. It should not have taken Prince’s suicide for our nation to take action and pass bullying prevention bills. Look out for a column about this. I’m furious.


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