Sweet letter to the editor today.

I am loving this Wildcat letter to the editor. Couldn’t have said it better myself, so here it is:

Shout it loud

Why is it that the term “racist” can be thrown around so loosely on this campus? Is this not a community that promotes the development of diversified beliefs? Are we paying tuition out of our ears to be told that there is only one correct way to think? I’d like to think not. It seems to me that any display of a conservative belief is met with vicious contempt, not only by fellow students but our faculty! Are the dreams Martin Luther King Jr. fought and died for so easily forgotten? I will avoid interjecting my opinions on the recently passed bill, but I would like to stress to all of you that opposing viewpoints are NOT inherently evil or “racist.” You all have a voice, so let it be heard without fear of reprisal from spiteful professors and students alike.

Derek Hartzel
History sophomore


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