Times have changed

I encourage all viewers to read my column in today’s Wildcat: Live for today, graduate tomorrow.

Close friends and co-workers all know that the talk surrounding graduation literally makes me sick to my stomach, not because I’m unsure of where I’ll be working after I finish my undergraduate studies, but because such discussion is preventing me and many others from enjoying the duration of college.

Don’t get me wrong-I’m thrilled and proud beyond belief to be graduating. I can tell that spectacular things are going to happen in my life, but I simply want to soak in the rest of my college experience rather than be constantly reminded that I have less than two months left at the UA.

Anyway, read my column, which urges everyone not to live their lives away.

With that, I’m very pleased with the article, and I suppose I can expand upon it in this blog. It’s sort of a more personal opinions column due to the nature of the topic, and I’ll further on the details in here.

I can’t say it enough, but the UA has been the greatest experience of my life, and I can graduate from this institution assured that I got more out of my time here than I ever expected. I’ve met the most amazing people ever, created strong friendships with people from all sorts of campus organizations, gotten involved with the university, made my voice heard, learned a lot, and found my niche. I knew I wanted to be a writer all along, it just took me until college to find the right outlet for that hobby.

It must be said that I’m much different now than I was when I started up at the UA in August 2006. I was a timid 18-year-old, and I was quite amused and entertained by the insanity of all the freshmen, most of whom had never been away from home before.

Carolyn, one of my dorm friends and now my apartment roommate, was one of my first friends at the UA. I was shy, but, being the nice midwestern Michigan girl that she was, Carolyn came to visit me in my Coronado dorm room every single day, and she talked enough for the both of us, much to my luck at the time.

I remember thinking that she was absolutely wild and out of control, but I immediately loved her warm personality. She once told me that she’d made out with a guy at a party, and I thought to myself, “Wow, she KISSED a guy she didn’t even KNOW?! That’s really scandalous!” At the time, I’d been dating the same guy from high school for nearly 2 years, so I didn’t know what it was like to do something even remotely crazy like Carolyn had done.

Even though Carolyn basically pushed the shyness out of me, I was still hesitant to ask to join her on social outings, at least in the beginning of the year. Instead of going with her to the DTD Halloween party in 2006, I stayed in my dorm room and read two books in one night. That week, I went to the Catholic Newman Center mass on three separate occasions, and I caught up on all my homework assignments. My GPA was great, but I was a bit too responsible for my own good. Once I got out and about, I never went back home. I’m still never home to this day, and it feels so great! I’m usually at the Wildcat, studying on campus, or out with friends.

Four years have passed, Carolyn and I are still bff’s even though we disagree as roommates sometimes do, and our roles seem to have reversed! Now, SHE’s the one with a boyfriend of over 2.5 years, and I’ve been doing my own thing since August 2007. It’s great, too. There’s so much to be learned from being alone, meeting all sorts of people, and growing on your own rather than with another person.

I’m grateful for the Wildcat for being my main creative writing canvas. There’s nothing as exciting as reporting, and nothing quite so fulfilling as opinion writing.

When I entered this university, I assumed I’d flourish in all my creative writing courses. Though I’ve gotten A’s in all my writing workshops, I learned the most from the school newspaper. The creative writing department isn’t necessarily the greatest outlet for me, mostly because it aims to attract nature writers, fiction writers, and research writers. I can do all of those things, but I want to be like David Sedaris and write about myself and my unusual stories. I feel like the CW department at the UA wants students to write about more than just their own lives, and for good reason. Still, I’m happy that I can write about whatever I want in the Wildcat. Yay for surprising myself and finding the best fit.

So yeah, read away 🙂


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