Weekends in Tucson

It was quite a fulfilling weekend for yours truly.

Happy Easter, by the way. Don’t send your “happy zombie Jesus day” jokes down this road. They will not be welcomed!

Yesterday, I saw How to Train Your Dragon with my friend Lola, her boyfriend, and a few others. Lola and I didn’t want to watch it, but it was the only film that no one had seen.

Anyway, the two of us were blown away, and we cried. I’m not crazy about children’s movies, but this one was amazing and heart wrenching. The plot speaks true to the way that humans and animals can have an excellent connection and pretty much be on the same wavelength. Call me crazy, but I totally think it’s possible to have such a wonderful bond with a pet.

Go watch it if you get the time, it’s so sweet.

Today was Easter, and I had two excellent brunches with different groups of friends. The weather was absolutely gorgeous and inspiring. My weekends will always be fun so long as they’re spent with quality friends and phenomenal individuals.

With that being said, I have somewhat of a busy week ahead.

Be sure to read my news piece on STD’s in tomorrow’s newspaper, and I have ASUA stories and the “Everyone has a Story” segment later on in the week. Send more story ideas over to me.


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