Everyone has a Story, ASUA’s last meeting

Be sure to meet my news report on ASUA’s final meeting of the school year as well as my last “Everyone has a Story” segment on Kevin Wos, a UA hoops fan, top 20 Zona Zoo points earner, and student with Asperger’s Syndrome.

I will be writing about six more stories for the Wildcat. It sounds like a lot, but we’re all running out of time. The final issue comes out on Wednesday, and then we have a commencement issue to work on. I have some good story ideas for next week, but graduation, finals, and classes are on my mind. School is my priority right now, being that I am just about to finish college.

Jazmine Woodberry will be doing the final “Everyone has a Story” feature on me, so be sure to read that one as well. I’ll most definitely post it on this blog.

Please, please keep your fingers for me to do well in my courses. School is literally giving me a pit in my stomach because I just want to be done and get on with my life, which, I can already tell, will be outstanding, thrilling, and much more fulfilling than coursework.


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