While you were sleeping…

Please accept my apologies for briefly abandoning this blog. I haven’t published anything online since the end of my French Riviera vacation, which I nicely chronicled in my travel blog. Just so you know, the summer abroad blog caused a quite deal of controversy, but I’m used to the inevitable drama that ensues from my writing.

That’s one lesson I learned from my trip, and from my opinions columns. You can’t please everybody. If you don’t like the criticism, you’ll just have to endure it.

At the end of the day, I will be true to myself and my writing, even if it disappoints those close to me.

With that, my study abroad blog caused some issues because my friend felt that I inaccurately portrayed one of the cities we visited. I described Vernante as impoverished because some of the houses looked run down and abandoned. Apparently, that was the wrong thing to say, at least in my friend’s opinion. I explained a million times that I am entitled to my thoughts and observations, so I’m not incorrect in stating that the homes appeared to be in bad conditions. Also, I’m a blogger, not a (current) paid journalist. No one confuses my study abroad blog with the New York Times.

No more censorship, ever.

Now that college and France are out of my life, I’m in northern California for less than two weeks. I’ll be in D.C. by the start of the month! I can’t wait to live in the D.C. area again. It’s the most inspiring place I’ve ever visited, and I honestly believe that I want to stay there forever. So long, California. It’s been fun.

Two weeks ago, I deactivated my Facebook account, and life is much better without it! I initially got rid of Facebook because I was sad about graduating and didn’t want to see any “back to school” posts in August. The more I thought about it, the happier I felt to be moving on to D.C. to have new experiences. At this point, I’d be fine with seeing university-related status updates and photo albums, but I’m okay without Facebook anyway. It’s such a waste of time, and ultimately, it adds nothing to my life.

I do, however, worry that my new friends from France will believe that I deleted them. Thankfully, my friend’s family spread the word that I simply removed my profile page for a while. I’d hope that people don’t assume that I inexplicably deleted them. Believe it or not, this is a huge slap in the face in our society. See what we’ve become?

Facebook just announced that it has reached 500 million users. Well, count me out, forever. I just can’t see how it helped my life at all.

Perhaps I’ll need it for professional purposes someday. On verra. Regardless, I completely advocate for the deletion of Facebook.

Today was intense. I babysat my two nephews, Sawyer (3) and Luke (2). They’re the sweetest little boys I’ve ever met in my life, and I can only hope that my future children will be half as well behaved as these two. They didn’t turn out that way on their own, I know. My brother and his wife worked very hard to have polite, obedient, fun, and intelligent kids.

Sawyer was really nice. He said he liked me better than grandma because I make silly faces. We went to the park, ran around the playground, did gymnastics in the backyard, played catch with the dog, and went out to see Toy Story 3. To our luck, we had the entire theater to ourselves. I choked up at the end of the movie during a particularly heart wrenching scene, but as we all know, I cry in most films. I was glad the boys had fun. I get to see them tomorrow morning as well, and I can’t wait.

I received some bad news this afternoon. My best friend from UA just lost her father. She graduated a year early, so she wasn’t around for my senior semesters, but she was always the one I trusted the most in college. We became really close as sophomores, even though she was anxious to move back to northern Virginia, her hometown.

Sadly, her dad had a brain hemorrhage last night. She left me a few questionable texts messages this morning. I called her parents’ house, and from the tone of her mom’s voice, I knew exactly what had happened.

You’d think that I’d know what to say to my friend since I went through the same thing at a much younger age. She’s also my best friend from college. Yet I have no words. There’s absolutely nothing I can say to help.

The timing is definitely interesting because I’m right about to move to D.C., where she’s been living for more than a year. Thank God I can be there for her as much as possible.

Now that I’m not a UA student, this blog won’t be “all Arizona all the time,” as my dad used to say. For now, I’ll use the space to opine on whatever I’m thinking about.


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