Cell phones in yoga class? Really?

I’m the first to admit that I have an unhealthy, dependent relationship with my Blackberry. My phone and I are never apart, except when I shower and go to yoga class.

There’s a comical scene in the 2009 film He’s Just Not That Into You that shows GiGi’s desperate character glancing down at her cell phone during yoga class. I’ve embedded the segment below, and it begins at 0:05:

This is the ultimate faux pas, being that yoga is meant to relax the body and free the mind of all technological interferences.

So when a fellow yoga classmate set her iphone beside her yoga mat this evening, I couldn’t help but laugh and remember GiGi, the high strung ninny from He’s Just Not That Into You.

Oh, I found my favorite instructor at this particular studio, although I love all the teachers. She seems very relaxed and positive, and I like her style the best. I won’t reveal her name, but I’ve included a portion of her online profile so you can have insight on her methods:

“She encourages students to hit the pause button of the mind to luxuriously discover playfulness in their practice while connecting to the inner child within – permitting oneself to take life & self a little less seriously. she infuses creativity into her classes and guides students on a fluid & energetic voyage with focus on the breath & alignment.”

As recommended, I arrived at the studio twenty minutes before class was set to start. It’s smart to do that so you choose where you’d like to sit and have extra stretching time. I walked over to the back of the room, where I saw two middle-aged women having a discussion.

Like a total creeper, I kind of eavesdropped on their conversation, but only when they began whispering. One of the women confessed that her husband had been getting cat scans and was at high risk of having cancer. I immediately felt bad for her, and my sympathetic feelings deepened when she mentioned her anxieties about whether or not she should tell her children.

I was a sliver away from playing the, “I don’t mean to sound rude, but I think I can offer you some advice” card. I kept my mouth shut, even though I’ve actually been in the situation she spoke of. My parents kept my dad’s cancer a secret for about a week.

He couldn’t even outright tell me that he had cancer. He merely said, “It seems that I have a growth on my liver.” I didn’t understand the severity of his condition for another two days, when my mom uttered the “c” word.

Reflecting on all of this, I stayed quiet, mostly because I didn’t exactly have an answer for the woman, anyway. It’s definitely better to communicate these types of things upfront, although she probably didn’t feel like hearing this from an unmarried, childless 22-year-old stranger.

I really want to befriend these ladies, by the way, but I’m still a little shy about meeting people in the classroom setting. It’s like I’m back in high school and attempting to make my way into new social circles. Moreover, yoga isn’t the most social of activities. In the words of Meredith from The Family Stone, “Isn’t there anyone that loves me?!” Patience is a virtue. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Cell phones in yoga class? Really?

  1. My yoga instructor refuses to let anything besides water bottles, yoga mats and towels into the studio. She got a bit huffy when I brought my money in as I didn’t want to leave it in the entry place. Like you, I’ve not actually made friends in classes because I was too shy. I feel like you should just strike up a random conversation based on a comment/compliment. Good luck with your class!

    1. Money is definitely understandable, especially if the entry place is unmonitored. I just found it funny that the girl locked up her purse and other belongings in her cubby, yet set her cellphone onto the yoga mat. But I’m not realizing that she might have children. In that case, she’s being a good parent by keeping the phone close.

      I’ll try to strike up a conversation with those women again, they seemed really nice and I’m sure they wouldn’t mind chatting with me. Thanks for the good wishes!

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