Keep swimming…

I might be the only person in the world to despise Finding Nemo, which I consider to be one of the most overrated Disney films ever made.

At least the dad is sweet 🙂

While I adore the father/son dynamic, I can neither respect nor accept the fact that a movie can succeed merely because of its aesthetics. Everyone I’ve spoken to says that Finding Nemo is “pretty” or “colorful,” and I don’t think either of these attributes are all that appealing. Doree is quite possibly the most irritating character in entertainment history (far surpassing the cast of The Jersey Shore and narcissistic megalomaniacs of Entourage).

Now that I’ve shared with you my pure and utter hatred of Finding Nemo, I’m ready to explore the single positive element to the movie.

Doree, loud and obnoxious as she may be, has some merit when she repeatedly says, “Just keeping swimming, keep swimming.”

That’s what everyone must do. I tell that to students, miserably employed post grads, unemployed acquaintances, unhappily coupled friends, and all family members. I don’t need much of a reminder, and hopefully that won’t change 🙂

I’m coming to terms with the fact that I don’t live near my college friends anymore. I do, however, miss the “platonic polygamous relationship” among me, Jazmine, Anna, and Luke. We became really good friends while working at the Wildcat and I really miss hanging out with them all the time.

All is fabulous in the yoga world, although my discounted newbie month-long pass is going to expire in about two weeks. After that, I’m not sure if it would be wise to continue taking classes, being that they’re ridiculously expensive if you don’t have an unlimited newbie pass. The studio supposedly gives “starving artists” a 12% discount on yoga, though.

I really like going to this studio because it’s close to my house and the employees are really sweet.

During meditation time in the last 15 minutes of class, a co-instructor picked up my legs, rocked them back and forth for what seemed like an entire minute, and began massaging my calves and lower thighs. She did the same thing for the lady to my right, but I didn’t appreciate the extra attention, I just wanted to meditate, concentrate on my breathing, and exterminate all the thoughts bouncing around in my head. I eventually dropped my legs to indicate that I disliked being swung around.

It’s nice of the women to relax any taut muscles I may have, and I know they just want us all to feel good, but massages are a no-go for me. Even so, I’m thankful when they shift and correct my posture as I do certain yoga positions.

I’ll be sad when my month-long unlimited pass is up, especially since it’s such a good deal. Hopefully, I’ll be too busy by then to go to too many classes, anyway 🙂


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