Because I’m sick of all the anti-Zuckerberg propoganda…

Let me just say that I’m in no way a supporter of Mark Zuckerberg, the controversial founder of Facebook. He’s done some shallow things, and some would say that he has “pathologically poor people skills.”

Regardless, I just wrote an article about Zuckerberg for The Daily Caller. I don’t defend Zuckerberg, but rather draw attention to the hypocrisy of his critics. People hate Zuckerberg, but who is actually going to delete Facebook as a result of its sordid origin? What businesses are actually going to remove their Facebook fan pages? Even Zuckerberg’s enemies are on Facebook.

So, check out my article. I’m proud of it, and I’ll definitely publish more stories soon enough.


One thought on “Because I’m sick of all the anti-Zuckerberg propoganda…

  1. While I do agree that most of the anti-Zuckerberg propaganda is crap, I think you’re missing a few points.

    1) Dismissing any chance of people leaving Facebook is dangerous. Several high-profile tech journalists have already done so in protest. Every revolution at one point started as something small that most people would’ve considered impossible. Go ask the people at MySpace how bulletproof their business model is.

    2) Success is a great way to judge a product, but a shitty way to judge a person. Plenty of arguably evil people with less-than-stellar intentions have built successful products. That doesn’t mean they themselves are deserving of recognition beyond the creation of the product itself, unless they have otherwise earned it.

    3) There are necessary evils. It’s easy for some pro-free market folks to say things like, “If you really felt that way, you would get off Facebook!” In reality, though, since many things of controversy are also [not coincidentally] very useful and often necessary in everyday life, it is an extremely weak argument that people should just leave, especially when there is no great alternative present. This is kind of a, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” kind of approach. Because people aren’t leaving in droves does not mean things are fine and dandy.

    Oh, there’s also the huge issue that the vast majority of Facebook’s users are unaware of the controversy or the ways in which their privacy is being breached, and therefore we have no idea what their actual reaction might be if they did.

    All that being said, I agree with your underlying frustration about people hating on Zuck. I just find your particular arguments here to be equally so in this case.

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