Shocking powerpoints, rainy weather, abominations

I’m going to attempt to update this blog more often, regardless of how few many readers I actually have.

Though I’ve only spent 10 days interning in a real newsroom, I’ve learned through my limited experiences how repetitive television news actually is.

Most people (or, at least the healthy ones) don’t spend 24 hours a day watching news channels. For obvious reasons, the newsroom TV is always on, so I’ve come to realize that most T.V. outlets constantly repeat the same news throughout the day.

When Katy Perry graced Sesame Street with her presence last week, MSNBC, Fox, and several other stations talked about this scandal every hour. Eventually, the other interns and I screamed at the TV, “GET OVER IT, ALREADY! REPORT ON SOMETHING ELSE!”

I feel like T.V. news stations coast off the same three big stories throughout the day. It makes sense, though. Some people watch the news in the morning whereas others catch up on TV at night.

So apparently, some girl at Duke University created a detailed PowerPoint of her sexual encounters, complete with ratings on size, physical appearance, performance, entertainment, athletic ability, and more. Certain portions of the “F— List” can be found at this link.

The girl never intended for anyone besides her friends to see her “F— List” thesis, so it’s unfortunate that it spread like wild fire. At the end of this day, I admire the girl’s creativity, and her stories are downright hilarious. She is no worse than Tucker Max.

Even so, it was wrong for her to identify the men by name.

It rained in D.C. all week.

Somehow, I managed to slip 7 times without actually falling to the ground. I always caught my falls, but was nonetheless embarrassed. How am I going to handle gracefully walking through snow? It’s not going to happen.

Naturally, the sky is cloudless and blue today.

I have yet to write up a news story, but I did get some practice on Wednesday, when I attended a polling event. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much of a story. I’m beginning to realize that real publications/news websites don’t just take any news story. On slow days, the news editor for my college publication was pretty flexible and open to any type of story. Those were the days! 😦

Either way, I am hoping to publish some news stories very soon. I’m trying to come up with good ideas, and I’ve been bugging asking reporters about article ideas.

This week, I helped Jeff Winkler with his news piece on a Dylanologist who claims Bob Dylan is a racist. My name is on page two at the bottom of the article, which can be found in my “Writing Portfolio” link. I was happy to help out, and I’m also assisting another reporter with one of her upcoming stories.

Hopefully my annoying persistent ways will soon pay off!

I finally got my coffee pot to work! I’m so proud, even though I’m sort of kicking myself for buying the cheapest model I could find:

Basically, this particular coffee maker takes 15 minutes to finish brewing the coffee grinds. Because I get up at 6:30 in the morning, I really don’t have time to wait around for this silly contraption. I refuse to wake up an extra 20 minutes earlier just to humor my slow functioning coffee pot.

Today, I made 4 cups of coffee, being that my roommate’s friend Lenore is staying with us for the weekend. My roomie doesn’t drink coffee, but Lenore does, so I finally had an excuse to use my new coffee maker. It reminded me of trips home to California. My mother has the world’s most spectacular coffee pot, so whenever I visit, I make sure that there’s fresh coffee at all times.

My friend Crystal and I recently had a discussion about the abomination song, “Toot it and Boot it,” which, in slightly more educated terms, translates to “hit it, quit it.” We feel as if zero effort was put into this rap. Not only are the lyrics disrespectful and a little nonsensical, but the singers are lazy in their performances. They chant “whoa” in an extremely lackadaisical manner that makes me wonder how they ever got away with putting out such terrible music:

Guess what? In 19 days, I am going to be in Tucson, Arizona for the University of Arizona Homecoming!

As excited as I am to return to lovely Tucson, I’m scared that I won’t be able to see as many friends as I’d like. If this happens, I hope no one gets angry with me. I’m only going to be in town for three days. Certain people were upset with me for “not saying goodbye” to them when I left my college town in July, but for one thing, I really hate farewells.

Being the control freak obsessive planner that I am, I’ve already contacted friends about specific dates and times that I’m available to hang out. Because I hung out with lots of different groups and social circles in college, I have to split my time up among friends.

On the Thursday of my arrival, I’m going out to dinner with my long-time friend Dyanna and her close confidants. Later that night, I’m hitting up the bars. Back in college, the best night of the week to bar hop was Thursday. I’m sure nothing has changed. I can’t wait to be back at Maloney’s, O’Malley’s, and Gentle Ben’s.

All day Friday, I’ll be strolling the UA campus. I told several friends that they’re welcome to come see me at Espresso Art on University Boulevard. I’ll probably do the bars on Friday night as well. Saturday will be all about the football game, and the evening will be dedicated to more bar adventures. I may sound like an alcoholic, but trust me, I am far from it. I just recognize that bars are excellent places to socialize and hang out.

Believe it or not, a part of me is nervous about going back to the UA. I can’t help but feel anxious about certain encounters or accidental run-ins with specific characters. I’ll expand on this at some point in the near future, although I’m sure you comprehend my insane musing on some level. If you’ve ever been heavily disappointed or emotionally bulldozed by anyone, you know what I’m talking about.

Tonight, I’m going to see The Social Network with Hillary. Very few films have received so much buzz and hype. I would not want to be Mark Zuckerberg right now, and I’m unsure of how he’s going to lay low during this time. I kind of feel sorry for him at this moment, even though I find it appalling that he once made a cruel “hot or not” website. Even so, I kind of want to give him a hug. I actually admire the guy, and I condemn the hypocrite Facebook users who feel the need to constantly trash him.

It looks as if my Arlington yoga days are over. My one-month unlimited class pass has expired, and there is no way in Hell that I’m paying $18 for an hour-long yoga session.

I’ve been told that Luluemon holds free yoga sessions twice a week, so I will probably look into those classes. The only issue is that Luluemon is in Georgetown, which is impossible to get to, but I’ll still save more money.

Last night was fun, at least by my “grown up” standards. I went to happy hour with the interns and one reporter. I was sad to learn that one of them might be moving back home in a few months. This affected me more than I expected, probably because it’s already been hard enough to start fresh socially, so when I finally found someone I really like and trust, it was devastating to hear that he/she will be gone before I know it.

But, as I keep saying in what seems like every single blog entry, “better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all.”

Anyway, the outing went very well, and I can’t tell you how thankful I am to have people I can talk to. Like I’ve mentioned before, I haven’t been this fulfilled or happy college graduation. Even while traveling through France this summer, there was a giant void in my life. I was constantly worried about what was next and who would walk me through my “adult journey.” Lola and her family definitely picked up on my inner turmoil, but back then, I still didn’t have the words to explain my state of uncertainty.

I experienced the same sort of thing when I got back to Tucson. I still had Carolyn, Kendra, Dyanna, Luke, and Jazmine in town, but school wasn’t in session and I felt very ambivalent.

After that, I spent a total of 22 days in California. As always, my mom was very attentive to my needs and supportive of my big move to D.C. Regardless, she was worried about the fact that I wasn’t really hanging out with anybody. I saw Crystal and Nikita a few times a week, but at the time, I was more concerned with moving out and finding an apartment, so I didn’t exactly desire a whole lot of social activity.

When I got to D.C., my priority was finding a job, something I still have yet to do. But hey, at least I have an internship to keep me busy while I continue looking. If my internship wants to offer me something, I’d be the happiest girl alive, but I’m still pretty green and I need to publish more stories.

You know what really made me happy the other day? I applied to be an assistant for a journalist at Politico, and the writer actually emailed me back to say that he’d selected someone else for the position. That’s a lot more than most employers will do. What a classy man.


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