That just happened…

Andrew Malcolm of the L.A. Times just emailed me and said he loved my latest Daily Caller piece, The Forbes World’s Most Powerful Women List: Empowering or Embarrassing? First off, I’m so happy to be doing news stories again.

Secondly, SOMEONE FROM THE L.A. TIMES liked my story!!!!! I hate to sound like such a braggart, but I think I deserve to boast in this case, especially considering the fact that it’s taken me so long to publish work since graduating college.

When I thanked Malcolm for blogging about my story, I also mentioned that I appreciate the support, being that I’m kind of a struggling journalist at present.

His response? “well we were all there once. and i’m so delighted to have u here. good luck.”

Is this real life?

Suffice it to say, I could probably die happy right now. No, not really. I’ll die happy once I’m officially employed somewhere. Until then, I’m in such a good mood, and my family can’t accuse me of being a negative Nancy any longer!


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