Chilly weather, Christmas preparation, fun links during your lunch break

DC is cold as ever these days, an adjustment this Californian/Arizonan must adapt to. The weather will only become cooler, and I won’t feel warm again until April, so I may as well get used to being in a state of constant discomfort.

Life in DC is totally worth the freezing temperature, though. I love that everyone seems to be informed and up to date on the news, and there’s so much going on. I still need to hike over to the smithsonian Julia Child Exhibit, re-visit the Newseum, attend Lululemon Georgetown’s free yoga class, and locate a rock climbing gym of some sort. I miss Tucson, Arizona’s fabulous Rocks and Ropes. I miss a lot of things about Arizona, the dry heat and sunshine being two main things. I also miss Arizona and California’s Mexican restaurants. Every time I taste east coast Mexican cuisine, I want to dry heave into my toilet bowl.

Thankfully, the cold DC winter feeling has enabled me to begin decorating and preparing for Christmas. No, it’s absolutely not too early to be in Christmas mode. If I could, I’d put my Christmas tree up on October 1, but that would be jumping the gun.

To get an idea of my Christmas obsession, I’ll show you some pictures of my former college apartments during Christmas season. During my last two years at Arizona, I went all out with Christmas decorating. I had two light-up Christmas trees in my bedroom, a snowflake hanging off my fan, Christmas lights by the ceiling, and stuffed Santas adorning my shelves and drawers. Take a look at my neuroses college Christmas fun:

Senior Year Roommates

My room. Oh, senior year ❤


Christmas photos from my junior year apartment:

Those were the days! I might just have to pick up several one or two Christmas trinkets from CVS tomorrow evening. Tonight, my roommate and I watched The Holiday, and a few days ago, I watched The Family Stone. Soon enough, I’ll put Elf on, although it’s a little early for that, even for me. You can’t go wrong with Polar Express, which brings back awesome high school memories for me.

When we were 16, my best friend Crystal and I invited a bunch of people to see Polar Express. Although the film was not meant to be funny, we laughed the entire time, mainly because being together was humorous in and of itself. Every time I see Polar Express, I think about Crystal, who I will reunite with in a few weeks. Thanksgiving can’t get here soon enough!

There is of course Hook, a highly underrated 90’s Christmas movie. It’s also one of the first films I ever watched. My dad and sister used to constantly make fun of me for “liking Hook way too much.” My sister would also get angry every time a certain tubby lost boy appeared on screen. Good times.

If you have a minute, you should check out the links I’ve included below. I know we have Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, and a million other social media websites for locating “interesting links,” but I’d still love to advertise some of my favorite news/opinion pieces I’ve read, so go ahead and take a look at the stories I’ve posted:

Slate: Dads get postpartum depression, too
DoubleXX/Slate: Should kids get mental health days? (My answer: YES. My dad always gave me mental health days in junior high, but I had a good excuse. I was always getting my ass kicked picked on, and the school administrators were useless, so he didn’t want me to have too much exposure to any of that nonsense.)
New Yorker: The Social Index: The four types of friends you can have in today’s society
Economizer: Don’t Do It Yourself: Eight jobs you should pay people to do (because I can be extremely lazy sometimes.)


One thought on “Chilly weather, Christmas preparation, fun links during your lunch break

  1. Your Christmas decorating is totally inspiring! I’m thinking of going and getting my (fake) Christmas tree next weekend, but I may wait until after Thanksgiving break. As far as I can tell, Oregon doesn’t have a whole lot to offer in terms of Mexican food either, but I suppose we’re just used to “Californian Mexican food.” Can’t wait to see you in a couple of weeks! & thanks for the reading recommendations!

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